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The dog show


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I was disappointed. Maybe I'm a bit prejudiced for the smaller terriers, the cuter terriers, the hairy terriers and that dark Cairn was adorable. But the bloodhound? I'll bet he was better looking in person.

Each to their own...that's what makes dog lovers so unique. One of these years....... :thumbsup:

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I was disappointed too, but of course, I'm prejudiced and admittedly no judge of breed conformation! I did think that the Tibetan Terrier was absolutely gorgeous and had soo much personality. The cairn was very handsome. My husband asked why they groom them to look like Westies. I wonder that myself. It was a good show, though, and I was glad that the commercial breaks didn't overlap any dogs. I hate missing any of them!!


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I only caught about 15 min of the show, but I was able to see the Cairn! It was nice to see a dark Cairn in the show....it seems that they always show light wheaten colored Cairns.

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Having Cairns and Smooth Collies, I'm always disappointed by dog shows. Need to get a Poodle I guess. There always seems to be at least one in the final 7.

There was a really cute glimpse of the Cairn. They had a long shot of the Terrier Group and you could see the Cairny, tail just a waggin' a mile a minute. I tell ya, there just can't be any happier dog then a Cairn.



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