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Mars Coat King


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Hi All!

I've already been looking at the MCK and I don't know what size to get, and what blade to get.

I've found a small one that says it's good for small animals and also to use on the head and face. I think the blade is a 10 or you can get a 13.

I then found a double MCK I think the blade is a 16.

What do you guys use? I don't want to spend $30-$40 bucks and wind up getting the wrong thing. :confused:

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I also use #16. I read someplace that that was the size suggested for cairn sized dogs.


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I use the 16 too. I used it on Scout last summer and her hair is still growing back! I like the "hairy" look, and I took too much hair off! I am planning on using it again, but in moderation this time!

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I'm a # 16 user too. Yesterday I tried it out on Elliott to get rid of some puppy fuzz. He actually liked it...first time he sat still in 2 months. For his face I used a small stripping knife to pull the fuzzy-wuzzies out. Still have a long way to go.

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Hi all! I have been looking at the Coat King and stripping knives. I have, up until now, hand stripped Boris and what a job that is! I'm also an amateur which doesn't help at all. Now that I have 2 Cairns, I would like a more efficient way to groom them. I too, like the hairy look, but would prefer a neater appearance, especially in regards to his tail, hind legs and his face.

Does the coat king actually pull the hair as in hand stripping? I've read that this is good for their skin. Does the stripping knife pull or cut the hair? Any help on this topic would be appreciated before I invest in the proper grooming tools.

By the way, we've had Natasha for 3 weeks and she is nearly housetrained and fetches her ball! I just love these dogs!!! :lol:

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The coat-king seems to do a combination of cutting, pulling, and raking. It most definitely does cut hair. I think it's the fact that it does some of each, all at once, that makes it fast and effective for house dogs and sorting out really wild coats. Personally, I still hand-finish tails, ears, head (I can rake the top and ruff, but find it easier to simply pull most of the head/face) and to a certain extent legs. I can do some clean-up on legs, but the thing is too bulky to work on skinny little legs. There is a narrower coat-king I keep meaning to try, but I can't quite bring myself to spend that much money on the experiment :P I love the coat-king for making fast work of the jacket and butt!

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