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"Stretch cairn" Angus


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Our little Angus is now over 7 months old, we think, as he came to us from Cairn Rescue. He has definitely grown, and is about 3/4th of Oban's size. He is certainly put together differently than the cairns I got from breeders though. His face is longer and narrower, and his body is much longer. When folks on walks ask us what kind of dog he is, Steve says he is a "stretch cairn terrier."  He is absolutely adorable though, and Steve has nicknamed him "Face." As in, "what a cute face..." We're going to keep him anyway, but I do wonder if someone slipped into his family tree a few generations back.





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Angus who cares if you have a long bod....I have A long nose also....and people still like me. You are a very handsome boy.💕 No doubt a few of our ancestors were born on the wrong side of the bed also. 

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Until one has loved an animal, a part of  one's soul remains unawakened.  - Anatole France

Adventures with Sam &Rosie


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would like to see more pictures of angus --i'll pretend to have an interest in his breeding, but it will really just be see more pictures of uncommon handsome and charming dog. 

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Looking at cute little Angus, I'm tempted to guess that, for all we know, his body type could be the wave of the future!

Onward and Upward, Little Angus!👏

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My Nikki looks like a Skye Terrier throwback, with (faulty) long silky hair, a super long back and short legs. Supposedly his parents were AKC registered Cairns but when I tried to look them up online I did not have any luck, so there is no telling with him.  I do know the Westie my parents had before Nikki was also long bodied, short legged and a larger dog in general than most Westies. Both our family Westie and Cairn (and our Siberian husky) were all ten pounds or more larger than breed standard. But the ither dogs did not look fat and they were built bigger than their breed standards. The Westie was two feet long in body, not counting his tail. Same with Nikki. The husky was taller, more muscular and sported a thicker coat than other huskies I met. 

I have almost met a full blooded Chihuahua that was the size and shape of a Penbroke Corgi but with a Chihuahua face and coat and tail. It made me wonder if it was something in Northern Virginia’s water or the different brands of dog food that made all four of those dogs so big (and not fat). I guess I’ll never know. 


Here’s an old pic with a yard stick next to a coffee table book and Nikki for comparison https://1drv.ms/i/s!ArgIWzssHT1_nhrRwErYDRdHP6i7


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in all your pictures handsome nikki has the same patient, attentive, kindly look.

he does look a bit long but not at all uncairnly. the painting that you have in the gallery --is that long dog supposed to be a cairn? or something pre-cairn?

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It’s an old painting I found in a colonial styled, German-run hotel. Sadly the hotel was sold and converted to a Best Western so all of the colonial furniture and decor were sold. I enjoyed looking at the terrier in the picture, whatever it is. 

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