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And on a lighter note, what is (are) the FUNNIEST things your Cairns do?

Toto-lee Cairn

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Sitting on the porch this a.m., with my 6 1/2 month old puppy, I got tickled -- for about the 5 millionth time -- seeing him try to maneuver two balls.  He will chase the one I toss, catch sight of another, whether it is in his path, under a chair, near the water bowl *wherever,* and then, is determined, with that Cairn tenacity, to get the two balls back to me.

One is generally in his mouth, which he'll carry for maybe a foot, then drop, and he turns to pick up the second.  I don't know what prompted him this morning, but he kept one in his mouth, and then, using his paws, was pushing the second ball forward.

At about the four-foot mark, and maybe three feet away from where I sat, either his frustration got the best of him, or maybe it was my laughing . . . and he gave up the game entirely.

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to me this is very distinctly cairn. my other dogs, if finding two fetch objects, would simply pick one and bring it back. but my cairn redmon was so greedy, and so grand in his thinking, that he also tried this two-object thing. he never actually succeeded but he never failed to try. there was the relay return that you describe, the trying-to-stuff-two--in-the-mouth thing, the mouth-one push-one strategy. it is very funny and very remarkable. most dogs, very rationally, think it over and then make their choice. 

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Adorable!😍 It will be interesting to watch him at this game over time. Typically, he might eventually -

A. Stick with it as his game of choice

B. Elaborate on, and develop his technique

C. Abandon interest in it altogether!

(Hmmm... I wonder what he would do with 3 balls? ...Complete Cairn puppy meltdown?)😜

P.S. There is a Golden Retriever at the dog run that takes 3, and sometimes 4 balls in his mouth at the same time, to everyone's amazement! Also a French Bulldog who collects half a dozen, one at a time, piles them under a bench and stands guard, growling and barking at any dog who approaches his hoard.

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that is brilliant. she can't see the ball but knows exactly where to position it and how. perfect terrier problem-solving --how to track, intercept and kill rats in the wall or moles underground. 

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Ruffy has a similar clever strategy when it comes to squirrel-chasing. He will chase it to a tree, and if the squirrel runs around one side of the tree, Ruffy always runs around the other side, In an attempt to ambush and intercept it. Good job, Ruffy!

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