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Toto-lee Cairn

Not 'Toto' - I can just hear it

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Toto-lee Cairn

NOT 'Toto?!'  I can just hear it. 

But, what you may assume is a lack of creativity, is actually homage to something -- several somethings -- since my childhood, (which was difficult).  I saw The Wizard of Oz, on tv as a girl, and fell in love with Dorothy, her feisty, loyal little companion, Toto, the song Judy Garland sang -- Somewhere Over the Rainbow -- and all things associated with the storyline.  NO, my house is not decorated with all things Wizard of Oz.  Imagine my delight, as an  adult, when I discovered Dorothy's dog was an actual breed, a Cairn. My first experience with the breed was a 10-year-old rescue obtained from a Cairn Rescue group. He had been named 'Toto'* by the gentleman who had owned him, and left him an orphan.

So, 'Toto' has special meaning to me.

I did a lot of research, when I purchased a Cairn puppy this time around.  I lost my first this past month, and I suppose my poor husband was tired of the crying myself to sleep. I liked any number of Scottish names, including Brodie (brother), Cothram (chance), MacBeth (son of Beth) but too, too negative, given Shakespeare's MacBeth killed his King, and lastly Murdoch, which was perfect for us -- of the sea.  My husband and I are coastal North Carolinians, transplanted to the Triangle, mid-state.  My husband's predilection, however, is for Weimaraners, and he has a Weemie rescue (his 5th since introduced to them as a little boy).  Given my dog's brother's name is Rupert, I didn't see how we could stand out in the yard, calling, "Here, Rupert! Here, Murdoch!"  Perhaps if I registered 'Toto,' he would be Murdoch on paper.  I really like the name.

But my going-on-16-week-old 'Toto' is my very own, and I am holding-out that together, we'll find that somewhere over the rainbow. 

* The rescue group changed his name from his original owner's choice of Toto, to a Scottish one, too.  But I called him -- can you guess? -- Toto!

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Ms Molly Mae

You could register him as Murdoch, but call Doc or MacDoc at home.  I pray that you all made it through Florence alright. 

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