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Close Call


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I delayed leaving the dog run this evening, talking with a neighbor. As Ruffy and I exited the run we just missed being conked on the head by a large tree limb that fell at our feet. (It wasn't big enough to kill us - It would only have caused a concussion).😬
        Then, believe it or not, 1/2 block from home, an entire tree came crashing down on the street in front of us... See pix attached.
       I assume this was all the result of the recent accumulated soaking rains. Thankfully, the few minute's delay in leaving the run saved us.
P.S. I added some pix in "Member Albums" of the wreckage from a previous storm on our route. We also survived that one as well!





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Yikes..glad you both are ok. 👍

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Thank heavens you and Ruffy are okay!  

Now be honest:  Did Ruffy immediately go over and mark the tree?😃

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Good heavens. Thought falling trees was only a hazard out here in the wilderness! Thankful you both are safe.

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2 hours ago, hheldorfer said:

Thank heavens you and Ruffy are okay!  

Now be honest:  Did Ruffy immediately go over and mark the tree?😃

Of course he did... at least 3 times, from every angle, plus one for good measure.

The odd thing is that we've always passed under this tree which was in the front garden area of a brownstone, on our usual walks to the park. It's always leaned out over the sidewalk, (as many city trees seem to do), but yesterday on our way to the park, it got my attention because it appeared to be leaning more than usual, but I shrugged it off.

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You were lucky! Our neighbor had a linden on his boulevard that started to look sparse and also started to lean last fall. The city takes care of boulevard trees so we asked for a check and they marked it for removal this past spring. I had been watching it closely, though, and about 2-3 weeks ago it leaned another whole ten degrees - in just a day or two. We called the city with an urgent request - and they came out and took it down that day. Two days later - 6 inches of rain, fast. I am convinced it would have fallen in the storm. Its branches laced through our electrical wires, and I can only imagine how long we would have been without power...and cars parked underneath it too. 

Oban used that tree first every time we went on a walk. Now he continues to use the stump. Apparently the height of the tree doesn't matter to him...

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