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Dougal Certainly Is Entertaining


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Cairns are so entertaining.  Dougal is our third Cairn and just as goofy if not more so than the previous two.  He never ceases to amaze me with new things.  Being just 6 months old he is still sleeping in his upstairs crate next to our bed.  Has always does really well, no whining at all when he goes in the night.  He does wake me up a little earlier sometimes than I like, but he's a pup and it goes with being a puppy.  This morning was one of those mornings where he wanted up about an hour before his normal 6:30-7:00 am wake up time.  Knowing he probably needed to go out I got up and got dressed.  I opened his crate door to let him out of the crate and into his small pen enclosure.  He did not come out.  It seems like he was tethered somehow and could not jump out.

It was still somewhat dark in then bedroom and the fact he is black, I couldn't see exactly what was going on.  I reached in and gently pulled him out, laughing when I realized what he had done.  He had in the past scratched and chewed on his bed pad.  He likes seeing and playing with the green poly fiber filling that comes out of it.  He evidently over time created a hole in one corner of the pad itself and somehow had managed to get his head through the hole, wearing the pad like a doughnut.  


Here is what he looked like when I removed him from his crate,  He is black and his pad is black and tan.  Hopefully you can see his head well enough to see how he was wearing his pad.  What a clown! 




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36 minutes ago, Wacenturion said:

He  somehow had managed to get his head through the hole, wearing the pad like a doughnut.  

Dougal's not the only donut dog here!



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Does Ruffy think he is wearing a costume? It looks like he really enjoys walking around with that over his face...

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12 hours ago, Kathryn said:

Does Ruffy think he is wearing a costume? 

You might be right... Here he is wearing his 2016 Halloween costume, (which apparently triggered an attack from a teacup Yorkie)!

FullSizeRender.jpeg spider.jpeg

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