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Gidget's Home!


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Well, I finally have my little ball of fun!

What a hoot. I have already gotten a taste of what a Cairn truly is.

I was able to bring her home on Monday evening instead of Tuesday. I placed her in her crate at bedtime in my bedroom so she would be in the same room with me. This was around 11:30......finally at 1:00 am I couldn't take the crying anymore. Her crate was moved promptly to the Kitchen where she finally fell asleep. I awoke like a new mother bright eyed at 4:30 am and took her outside, went back to bed and slept till time to get up for work.

Last night I could tell she was truly coming out of her little shell. I took her outside right before bed time. She found a leaf to play with after she pottied. When I put her down in the floor I noticed something on the floor. Thinking it was a piece of the leaf she had been running around with I bent over to pick it up. She quickly grabbed it back up in her little mouth and began chewing on it. I picked her up and looked to see what she had and to my surprise out dropped a baby slug! :sick:

I'm sure this sounds familiar to all of you experienced Cairn owners out there.

Let the fun begin! Here's the picture I took Monday evening when I got home with her.

Isn't she just an :halo:


There's nothin' in this world better than puppy breath!!!
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Welcome home Gidget! :wub:

Hot tip: Eye wipes can (sometimes) remove the super-glue-like slug-slime from puppy lips. Just in case you find a bunch of yard debris hanging off her face some day, all glued in place with slug slime :P

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Oh Gidget is just precious! :halo: I was real fortunate w/ my youngest cairn Hannah liking her crate. I fluffed it up w/ cheap baby blankets from Wal-Mart and a stuffed animal. I had this machine that played heartbeat sounds. She would go down from 10 p.m. until 2 a.m. for a potty break and then back to bed until 6 a.m.

That was then. :lol: Now at 7 mths, she's so spoiled! Once she wakes up, she wants the good life of being in bed w/ dh and I.

Enjoy puppyhood!

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Beth, mom to Ninja (5), Hannah (7), Abbey (7 1/2), Kiara (10)

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How sweet! Hearing you talk about not being able to take her crying brings back fond memories of when Yoda was a puppy. We used to let him sleep in a big box lined with newspapers, until he cried and my Lab couldnt stand it and would knock over his box to set him free.

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I have to tell you I normally dont like it when my husband's friends call me Gidget, but now I will just think of your adorable puppy when I hear that. She is just too cute!

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Oh, what a sweetie! And I like the name Gidget.

Aren't slugs a delicacy in some parts of the world? :sick: Maybe your baby has a taste for sushi :lol:

Let the fun begin!!!

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Awwww, she has a precious face!

Finch cried in her crate too. On the third night we put the crate in the basement (finished without windows) and never heard a peep from her after the move!

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Gidget is beautiful!

Grilly cried in his crate too. I moved the crate next

to my side of the bed and slept with my fingers in

his crate. I was almost off the bed, my dh thought it was

hysterical, but it worked. We eventually moved the crate

inches away.....slowly building up distance. It worked

for us. The only problem was a sore back for Mommy,

from sleeping on the very edge of the bed. LOL

Have fun and take tons of pictures.


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Guest posting as: Darcys mom

Gidget is so cute. Makes me want another one. May she bring you many many wonderful hours of enjoyment, but also don't forget the frustrations of having a puppy around. Thankfully (or not) they do grow into adult dogs and do learn things so quickly. Enjoy your bundle of joy and keep the pics coming.

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Oh I'm so happy for you that Gidget has finally arrived to her forever home! I've had Mila for 3 weeks tomorrow and she is such a joy. She cried in her crate for 2 nights but now she doesn't make a peep until we are up and then we just take her outside and she goes to the potty. You will be surprised how quickly they learn. Enjoy!

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