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Pig Ears


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Well, Mila my 10 week old puppy got a pig's ear for Christmas from my dd. She absolutely loves it and it has kept her occupied for about all day. She has hid it numerous times and tries to bury it in her bed. It is so cute. She seems to like this better than any of her toys and stuffed kongs.

My question is - I remember reading someplace that they aren't good/safe for dogs when unsupervised. It is back to work tomorrow and I know she will be lonely for the several hours left alone. Would it be safe to give her the pig's ear when we leave her alone?

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Kate, I would not leave her alone with the pig ear! They can chew these down to small pieces that can get lodged in her throat. Finch, who was just a few month old, choked on a piece of raw hide. My DH had to put his hand down her throat, and luckily he was able to get it out. We now give them large pieces of raw hide to chew on and only when they are right next to us. We keep them up high, and when their size gets too small for my comfort, we throw it away. I know it keeps Mila busy, but it's better to not put anything in their crate when you are gone. Finch only has towels in her crate.

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Yep....any chew toy or treat should be supervised but..... I am guilty of giving my puppy a large, unchewed nylabone in his crate for a period of up to 2 hours because I feel so bad leaving him alone (his sisters relish quiet time in their crates and don't need anything except peace and quiet from him)

I know it takes my Cairns at least a couple weeks of heavy chewing to do any damage to these bones so I don't feel to much anxiety with them.

As far as pig ears...I've heard bad reports regarding bacteria and for some reason I chose not to ever give them to my dogs...but, I do buy the large bully sticks and their source can be considered somewhat repelling to us humans but again, I only give the sticks when I'm there to watch the enjoyment and pick up the remnants. :shock:

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I had a bad experience w/ a pig ear strip. My youngest cairn started choking on one and thank goodness my dh was here to dislodge the small piece so that she could breathe. I will not give my cairns anything unsupervised. I have found that the compressed rawhide doesn't seem to break off in big choking pieces, also those bully sticks seem safe. My new treat is those "greenies" that my cairn girls love.

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I have also heard that the pigs' ears are coated with shellac, which can't be good. Piper got a 'greenie' in her stocking from the neighbor dog. This was her first one. She enjoyed it, but I wondered if they're good for her? How often do other dogs get these "greenie" treats?

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