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No Hide Chews


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Has anyone tried No Hide Chews from Earth Animal?  I won't give my dogs rawhide and am very nervous about choking hazards.   I've been giving them occasional marrow bones but looking at other treats.



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I don't give Malcolm rawhide chews. They give him diarrhea. The best thing I found are kneecaps at the Menards store in the pet section. They are a natural bone that helps clean his teeth. He gets many hours of pleasure chewing on these.

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We don't give rawhide because it always made Packy throw up.  Now that he's gone, I just havent wanted to try them with Kirby and Phinney.  We use those hard boiled bones and bully sticks.  A friend gave us pig ears but I think they're gross.  Our breeder recommended some dried fish chews but I have tried those yet.

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Jandy and my Cairns, Kirby & Phinney 
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Oban loves his deer antlers. I will let him chew on one for a half hour or so on nights when I watch TV - he likes me to hold it for him while he gnaws on it. He can eventually wear one down. If it gets sharp I toss it and start over with a new one.

Never had any luck with rawhide - all my cairns ate them too fast and had problems with diarrhea . And bully sticks seem too greasy as Oban likes his treats while sitting on the couch.

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Rocky likes Elk Antlers, and they last a long time.  We tried pig ears but he is not sure what to do with it and will carry it around the house for an hour looking for a place to hide it or bury it behind the sofa pillows.

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Kelly's favorite treat is the chicken jerky that I make. It is really easy to make and good for them. I would love to get them an elk antler to try. I do get the beef bones for them to chew on, but only in the summer when I can put them on the porch with them, and I have time to watch them. ( I get them from the grocery store at the meat counter, and they still have a little bloody and meat on them.) They are a little messy.

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