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2016 for my small family has been a tough one. A sudden loss of a younger relative, a close relative received bad news  and wow just the world in general. So I don't mourn the loss of 2016 at all and am glad to see the back end of it. But forever hopeful for 2017.

My Scottish mum always loved New Year's Eve, as the bag pipes and anything Scottish pulled her back to her birth place and heritage, New Year's Eve for all Scotts is an emotional time, even more so than Christmas. So I will raise a glass for all my friends , critters but especially for all kith and kin.


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Until one has loved an animal, a part of  one's soul remains unawakened.  - Anatole France

Adventures with Sam &Rosie


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Living on the borders of Scotland as I did for some years New Year was for us almost Scottish - first footing and all! The entire week from  English Christmas to Scottish New Year was one big celebration. A bit more quiet nowadays for me! Ready for 2017 and wish you all the stamina I'm sure we will all need if this year was anything to go by.

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2016 was an amazing year (for me) -yes there were ups and downs and bad stuff that happened in the world, but for me it was good and I cherish all the great memories and milestones for my farm life journey , and I honestly cannot wait to see what's in store for 2017!

Happy New Year to all the Cairns and their owners.  I am very thankful for this group.

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Happy new year and blessings to all you dear Cairn Talk friends.  Cheers to the puppies who have joined us; tears for those we have lost.  Let's greet 2017 like our Cairns: tails held high and ready for anything.:)

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HAPPY NEW YEAR to our wonderful Cairn family. Thank you for being there through the ups and the downs and the chaos of Cairndom. 

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"as far as i am concerned cairns are the original spirit from which all terriers spring, and all terriers are cairns very deep down inside." pkcrossley

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On our farm 2016 was a rather depressing year with outstanding results.  Go figure.  So for 2017 I hope we all have continued health - for every beating heart our lives touch and .... a good supply of summer rains ... no wind please. :)  HAPPY YEAR TO ALL!!

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Elsie, Max, Meeko & Lori


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Happy New Year Lovelies. 


Nikki and I had a peaceful New Year's Eve. I gave him some calming treats around ten forty five. We went to bed at eleven fifteen. The fireworks lasted until twelve twenty five but Nikki and I listened music until the last firework faded at twelve twenty five.  He even snored a little.  I could not have asked for a better way to bring in the New Year than to see him happy and comfortable during all the racket that normally spooks him.  

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