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My pup stole X-mas


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Hi everyone! Today at work I realized that Skeeter is stealing Christmas this year. This is his first Christmas and oh my, he certainly is the center of attention during the Holidays.

My husband and I have been collecting presents from family and friends that have come over to our home but guess what? Skeeter gets the best and the biggest presents.

Even our last name has changed. We received a Christmas card that read: "The Skeeter family". :P

Then, today at work one of my co-workers gave me as a present some doggie treats. That was soo sweet of her :halo: I think I should have start a tv program with the title of: Everybody loves Skeeter. I'm such a proud mommy :wub:

I just can't wait for Skeeter to go and destroy...um, I mean open all his boxes and bags that will be under the Christmas tree this 25th.

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Oh these Cairns . .. I find I am a sucker for doggie toys. When I've been out shopping I just have to buy Mila lots of toys and just seem to forget about what I went after for others!

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Oh, it's going to be a Cairn Christmas at our house too! The dogs only have a few toys, but only because I think DH would kill me if I brought more into the house....it's easier to sneak them in the house during the year....lol!

Finch has managed to open up a few presents that were not hers, so all the presents are put up high and now I know she will have a blast tearing into hers on Christmas. :devil:

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Yay Skeeter. Sounds like you have things under control, buddy. :thumbsup:

We're much the same here, with a Cairn-centric Christmas. Last night I was on the computer (like I'm ever not) and I heard what sounded like an empty water bottle (a standard toy) skitter across the kitchen floor, with dogs obviously playing soccer with it. But then I heard a strange 'tinkle' sound so I ran out in time to shoosh the dogs away from -- a busted ornament. Eek! Glass! Somebody (I'm looking at YOU Stella) had taken Rosebud's personalized ornament off the tree and smashed it into a corner :(

Ah well ... Cairns will be Cairns. Merry Cairnmas everyone.

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They each have their own stocking but I know it won't be big enough! The holidays are wondeful when you have someone furry to share them with....all right, people are good too but I know my Cairns won't complain about anything they get from Santa.

Merry Christmas to everyone and their "best friends". :santa:

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OK, my puppy has presents under the tree, but not enough as far as I'm concerned. Was going to make a toy run today, but we are snowed in. Maybe tomorrow I'll be able to make it out and get some more presents under the tree for the puppy. I put a stuffed kong under the tree and she hasn't noticed it yet, but I'm hoping that soon she will start wondering if that present is for her. Oh what a wonderful Christmas with a puppy!

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