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Three Cairns, three identical toys


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I had one of those Fat Cat crackly, stuffed squirrels that they all wanted to play with at the same time. So I go out and get 2 more identical squirrels. You'd think each dog would take their toy and be grateful. :whistle: No, they all want the same squirrel! I just can't figure it out.

For Christmas I took some toy advise from Brad from the toy thread and bought my "terrors" those stuffed hide-a-bird and hide-a-bee toys, the stuffed ICube and the Orbee ball. (okay, I already gave them the Orbee ball and they love it......they have so many other kinds of balls but this one they actually spend time with) Add a few nylabones and some other small toys to their stockings and I can just imagine Christmas morning :shock: Gonna be worse than having kids!! (but I can't wait)

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I never even noticed the Toy Board - where the heck have I been?

Those three must really keep you on your toes. I love hearing your stories because I can just picture it in my mind.

Editing: Okay, where do we hide the Toy Board, I don't see it.

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Kay.....I was LOL @ this thread!!

My two :devil: do the same thing over bully sticks! I purposely check to make sure they are about the "same" (width, color, length) before I give them.

But.....there's always the BEST one.....they run around the family room chasing each other for it! Snarling, barking, making a whole lotta racket!!

It's hilarious!!!

Yes, where did the toy thread go? I musta missed it, too??


Cathy and Piper

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Don't ya know, they always want what the other has!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It doesn't matter if they have the exact same thing, they just want what they don't have!!!!!!!!!! My two tend to switch back and forth with the toys, bones, chewies....but sometimes one will sit and gaze at the other (who is very happily chewing away at something) even though they have the EXACT same thing sitting next to them!

Sometime I feel like I have two toddlers in our house instead of two Cairns!

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I bought the medium size orbee....just scared the little one might be too small for their little :whistle: mouths. It's really a neat ball with a different, bouncy texture. I hope they come up with some other toys in the same line.

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