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How much is too much?


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As you all know I am in the waiting for my baby Gidget. She was born on

Nov. 9th.

I spoke with the breeder yesterday and she has "quoted" me a price once again.

When she bred the dog she said she would probably only ask $50-75 for the puppies. They are Cairn, but won't be registered....found out that somewhere way back in the dad's blood line there's a little bit of jack russell.

A friend from work went up last week to see the puppies and the breeder told her they were probably gonna ask $125.00 for them.

Yesterday when I spoke with her on the phone she said that she thinks that her and her hubby have decided that they are gonna ask $150 for them.

What the heck? :shock: I understand that it can be difficult to price, but she shouldn't be saying a word about how much she's going to ask for them until the decision is made.

I'm sure $150.00 isn't a bad price even though they won't be registered. I guess it's just the principal.

She also said that I can get her at 7 weeks. I'm going to go up Wed. and pay her for the puppy before she changes her mind again and ups the price even more. ;) I will definately be getting a paid in full receipt!

She made a comment that if people couldn't pay $150 then they weren't responsible enough to take care of a puppy anyway :mad: ...so not true! I don't care about her not being registered because I don't plan on breeding her anyway, but this just ticks me off! Wish I could find another for close to the same amount.

Do you think that $150.00 is too much to have to pay for a unregisterable cairn?

Sorry so long, but just had to tell you what she said.

There's nothin' in this world better than puppy breath!!!
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Go look at the puppies and the mother and father and see if this is the puppy for you.

Be sure to read up on Cairns and know what they are like. I have a friend who has a jack russell and her home owners insurance went up because she owned the jack russell. If the Jack Russell comes out in the pup be sure you can handle it! :devil:

As far as the money is concerned that is something you will need to decide for yourself.


Rebel, Hammurabi, Sugar, Dirty Harry, Paint, Duncan and Saffron

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I was just quoted $1800 for a registered Cairn pup -- pet only, not show quality --which I unfortunately cannot afford, so $150 sounds like a bargain to me!

"If I only had a Cairn."

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gidgetsmom, I would be very leery of this breeder. It sounds like she is trying to get as much money out of you as possible.

I don't know anything about the JR issue, so I can't comment on that, but If I were you, I would go into this deal with my eyes open wide.

I know that before we adopted Scout, we were tempted to adopt Cairns from pet stores and answering ads in the paper. We waited about 2 years before we found Scout. Take your time and listen to your heart. Let us know the outcome!

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Guest posting as: Darcys mom

Hallswel, you said your friend's homeowner's insurance went up because he owned a Jack Russel - may I ask why? Is there a problem with the Jack's? The reason I ask is because our other dog is a mix between a Scottie and a Jack Russel. She looks like neither, to tell you the truth but we love her. She does have the big Scottie teeth and the wide paws but she is fairly smooth coated with one ear that stands up and one ear that flops over like a Jack Russel. I would be curious to know if there is something about the Jacks that would make insurance increase. Thanks


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She told me when the apprasier came to the house from the insurance company she got a call because she had two Jack Russells or Parson Terriers and they were on the dog breed list that required extra insurance. I was surprised but she wasn't because they can be such a wild dog if not trained. I asked my insurance agent about my dogs and she said no that they were ok and I didn't need insurance. They were covered under my policy.

German Shepherds, Doberman, Boxers, and Jack Russells were on the list, there are a bunch more but I can't remember. My brother has a Shiloh Shepherd and because of the dogs size he has to pay extra on his homeowners policy. My brothers dog is the most docile, sweet dog in the world but he weighs 80 lbs and is just 8 months old. When they did the temperment test he showed no signs of aggression but he still has to have the insurance.

You can check with your agent but I can't image a mix breed would cause it to go higher unless your dog bit someone or damaged your home bu digging or chewing and you made a claim.


Rebel, Hammurabi, Sugar, Dirty Harry, Paint, Duncan and Saffron

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