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CairnTerrierHistoryIIYahoo!Group Opens

Guest Sean Albert

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Guest Sean Albert

The CairnTerrierHistoryIIYahoo!Group (CTH) is devoted to the collection and republication, with permission, of information about the history of the Cairn terrier. Scientific or educational information about the Cairn that is ancillary to the history of the breed may also be posted. The sole purpose of the list is the exchange of information (e.g., articles and photos) relevant to Cairn owners, breeders, exhibitors and judges.

Subscribers are encouraged to submit photos or information to CTH. Please use the files, photos, links and calendar sections of the list for this purpose.

The group will NOT be used for the exchange of messages from members. Contact me privately via SeanPAlbert@aol.com to subscribe.

It is hoped that the information gathered by CTH will someday be hosted by a national or regional Cairn terrier breed club website.



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Here is a list of the material available on CTH (at the moment):

1. Letter of A. R. Macdonald to Miss Hawk" Waternish, Skye. 30th

October, 1911"

2. Mrs. E. M. Williams-Campbell The Cairn Terrier

Country Life in America January 1912 Volume 21 No. 6 p. 40

3. James Watson The Terriers of Scotland Country Life in America

(February 1915) pp. 56 - 57.

4. Vanity Fair: Cleveland, Reginald McIntosh:The Cairn Terrier

and Some of His Kin - This Hardy Little Scotchman is of the Working

Type and of Ancient Lineage. November 1917, pp. 81, 108 & 110.

5. Country Life (London): Cairns, Hon Douglas H.:

Cairn Terriers. July 1920, pp. 112-113

6. Country Life in America: Turnbull, Eva. H.:

The Canny Cairn, June, 1924, pp. 72, 74, 76,

7. Country Life (London): Smith, A. Croxton:

The Terriers of Scotland, Sept. 2, 1922, pp. 267 - 268.

8. Stephen, Kate L.: Cairns, a chapter on the breed in Dorothy

Gabriel's book, The Scottish Terrier. London circa 1928

9. AKC Gazette: Jones, A.F.: How A Sky-line Kennel Makes Good

(Tapscot). Aug. 1928, pp. 9-13, 94.

10. AKC Gazette:How Cairmore Blazed a Trail, Apr. 1929,

pp. 9-14, 104.

11. AKC Gazette: LLOYD, Freeman: Some Dogs I Knew in My Youth

- Veteran Authority Tells How a Youthful Avocation Became

an Interesting Vocation Later in His Life. June 1, 1929,

pp. 20 - 24, 127 & 128. [Transcriber's Note:

This article does not specifically mention the Cairn terrier.]

12. AKC Gazette: Macpherson, C. Brewster: Cairns Are Working

Terriers. June, 1933, pp. 24 -27, 123.

13. AKC Gazette: Rogers, Alice and Corrine S. W. Ward:

Why We Need A New Standard For the Cairn October 1934,

pp. 19 -21, 152.

14. Our Dogs: Caspersz, T.W.L.: The Evolution of the Cairn

Our Dogs (Eng.): Dece. 13, 1935, pp. 893-894.

15. AKC Gazette: Jones, Arthur Frederick: Pinefair Believes That

Its Cockers and Cairns Should Create Happiness. May 1938,

p. 24-28, 179-180.

16. AKC Gazette: Porter, Frances: Breed Column,

Sept. 1938, p. 30.

17. AKC Gazette: Noted Cairndania Danes and Cairns Have New Home.

May 1939, pp. 17 - 21. 179.

18. AKC Gazette: Porter, Frances: Breed Column,May 1940,

p. 46.

19. AKC Gazette breed column April 1954 [betty Hyslop Discusses

Trip to UK and Purchase of Redletter McRuffie, Am/Eng/Can Ch.]

20. AKC Gazette breed column May 1954

21. AKC Gazette breed column March 1956

22. AKC Gazette breed column December 1956

23. AKC Gazette breed column November 1958

24. AKC Gazette breed column November 1959

25. AKC Gazette breed column January 1963

26. AKC Gazette breed column July 1968: Jacobi, Gerard A.

27. AKC Gazette breed column September 1970

28. AKC Gazette breed column May 1972

29. AKC Gazette breed column July 1976:Taylor Coleman [Recalls

The Start of Wolfpit]

30. AKC Gazette (article) March 1988

31. http://www.antiquebooks.net/htmlbooks/dogshtml/d.htm

March 1924 Dogs and All About Them Robert Leighton

Available via the Internet address listed above.


Additional articles are in the process of being converted to pdf and will be posted soon.

Contributions of transcriptions of articles are welcome.


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