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Cartoon of a Cairn and a Shetland pony! Meet Harry & Larry! LOL


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Thought you all might like this cartoon ( in a series ) that I illustrate of a Cairn and a Shetland pony ... Meet 'Harry & Larry'.  I used my own Cairn Harry and Shetland pony Paddington as my inspiration- Hope you like it!! ( I am an illustrator so this is what I do). Hope it makes you smile! (( Love my Harry LOL!))


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Cairns are like potato chips , you cannot have just one....

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How wonderful to be able to create an illustration/cartoon out of two of your pets, Harry is adorable and so is Paddington.  I hope you'll post more in the future, I really enjoyed seeing this one.

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How lucky you are to have both a pony and a cairn terrier! I like the illustrations so much and I appreciate your sharing them with us.


Please don't take this the wrong way, but can you please explain them to me? What is Harry supposed to be eating?...What is a "hay snack"? How/why does a pony become wrapped in a hay bale? What is Harry supposed to be doing, standing on his hind legs...Is he peeling the hay off Larry's back? If so, why? And how is it a mini-park?


Sorry to be so literal, but I'm really lost here. I appreciate your talent and want to be able to enjoy the result of your effort.




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Thanks for all the comments! ... I am an illustrator do create editorial cartooning for a suburban newspaper.  I am truly inspired by Harry ( my Cairn ) and Paddington and Pumpkin my 2 Shetland ponies. Larry ( the pony) of course is modelled after Paddington. Shetland ponies can be rather food motivated LOL, so often their idea of a great day is to 'park' themselves in the hay bales and eat - These bales are usually bigger than they are. Harry's job ( he thinks ) is to 'supervise' them- and keep them moving - they are walking hay bales LOL. Always funny antics between 'friends' ..... Here is another one !.... Hope you like it!post-3928-0-72608000-1410681056_thumb.jp

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Cairns are like potato chips , you cannot have just one....

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Very cute cartoon and lovely illustration!  Thanks for sharing with us, and this 'suburban gal' also thanks you for the explanation! :)

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