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My Cairn children will continue to be cared for the way I wish.  After 13 months of

unemployment I started a new job today.  They are paying me close to what I made

when I was sequestered May 13, 2013.   (That's phenomenal compared to most of the

offers people have tried to pitch, throughout 400 job applications I have made, that were at least 35%

less than I was making compared to my previous job.  Oh and benefits from those ne'er do wells?  Fagettaboutit!)


The guys that hired me are the real deal.  Result:  I've been able to have my babies' teeth cleaned for the first

time in 4 years; that's important considering their ages at 13, 12 and 12 respectively.


I'm getting to take care of my babies properly.  Sometimes life is good.


Tara, Proud Mum or Olie, Teddy, and Shadow.

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Max and Nelly

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Congratulations! What wonderful news for you and your babies. It is so wonderful to hear when persistence pays off. I'm sorry you had to struggle for so long but so glad to hear things are looking up. 


I know how disheartening and depressing unemployment can be. I experienced varying degrees of unemployment and under employment from May 2011 until April 2014.  I know without a doubt I would not have survived without Addie's love and I am so grateful that my job affords me the ability to give Addie good care and reasonable hours so I can spend quality time her. 

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"as far as i am concerned cairns are the original spirit from which all terriers spring, and all terriers are cairns very deep down inside." pkcrossley

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Idaho Cairns

I cannot imagine how difficult losing a job thru cutbacks would be, fortunately I was a member of that generation and in a profession that was pretty well insulated from economic ups and downs for my entire working life.  It is a testament to your patience and perserverance that you have finally come thru the matter--even knowing that a few lost years are hard to make up.

As I remember you had some ethical concerns with your old position--hoping that is not a concern with the new job.

In any case, congrats on the new position--glad you are taken care of first and secondarily you can now catch up with the medical needs of your dogs.

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Hi Tara. I am so happy you found something great. Best of luck to you in your new role. :)  So nice you can take care of your babies in the matter to which they've become accustomed. :D

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Congratulations!  I know how important it is to have a job that pays a decent salary.  I lost my job in 2012 and I'm still looking for another position, only part-time this time around.  It's a struggle to try and take care of my girls, thankfully my husband is working and I am collecting.  I would really like a part-time job but they're not easy to come by.   Good luck on your new job!

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Grrreat news, Tara! I am so happy for you and for the sense of relief you must be enjoying! 


Wishing much good luck and happiness to you from me and Ruffy! :)

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Tara, I am so happy for you!  I remember when you went through that!  Good things come to good people, and you are good people!  Yay for clean doggy toofs!

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It's been a long haul hasn't it?  What a relief.  Congrats on your new job! :thumbsup:  Very happy for you and the pooches.  Best of luck in everything you do.

Elsie, Max, Meeko & Lori


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You know what's great about it?  I'm no longer "pending".  For those who have never been on unemployment

permit me to explain. You have to apply for at least two jobs every week,, provide contact details, and then report

the result of the contact.  For the last close-to-400 applications, I have reported my result

as "pending". ( You usually haven't heard back from the contacts when you file your weekly report.)

You end up feeling like your entire life is pending; you can't make any plans, dream any dreams,

just try to eke it out day by day and remain pending..in never-never land


Well, I am no longer PENDING!

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Max and Nelly

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