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First Time In The Kennel


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Well mom just barely survived, but Scully had a blast. She looks none the worse for wear and when I pulled up. amongst all the barking, I could pick hers out. When they brought her out to me she nearly yanked the woman's arm off and then happily took a big pee-pee all over the floor. Thank God it was outside.

One thing I did, and it's something I always did with my other Cairn, I wore the same t-shirt to bed for several days to get my smell on it and I brought it with her stuff for her to feel "at home." They also had either personal playtime or walk time for $5.00 a session and we paid for a playtime each day. Now whether they actually did that, I don't know.

An agent that I work with takes her dog to a chain type of kennel that she loves, she said it looks like a spa. The dogs actually get report cards with stickers, etc. on their "Elimination", "Behavior", etc. She's never had a problem with them.

Best Friends Kennels

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One final note, I remember when I first posted awhile ago about putting Scully in the kennel I was wondering if there would be backsliding on going potty inside.

Once last night and once again today she pee'd by the front door, which is the door she goes out to go potty. I'm really thinking she had to go and my mom who was with her wasn't paying attention.

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