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What a morning. I guess we are a bit spoiled and we have forgotten what it's like to have 8 inches of snow, 40 mph winds and drifts up the ying yang. Jim is still out feeding cattle. I tried to get Demps and Dig out the door to do their business. I left the door open to the entry and I thought I would scoop a little snow while the dogs did their thing. Digger was a trooper, but Demps quickly decided that there was no way he was lowering his petunia in those snow banks - he circled around behind my back and took his pooper in the entryway. So when I was done scooping outside I continued inside. Then I decided that we might as well get the cats and the chickens fed.

Demps bolted out the back door like he was really going somewhere. I trodded behind. Demps ended up in a snow drift and he couldn't wiggle out of it. I carried him to the cat house. Then when we were coming back it was much the same. Demps starts out strong but again landed in a drift. He turns his cute little head and looks at me like, "Hurry up! My feet are getting cold. Carry me to the house mom." That's when I called him a "weiner" dog. "Demps you are a weany."

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Ahhhh, Demps life is tough when the winds are howling and the snow is way to cold for your tootsies and your petunia.Jock has the same problem up here in our neck of the woods...often boots have to be put on before a thought is given to finding just the right spot to poo. Not sure if I can get a "hat" for the petunia end though. :)

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It stinks when your heart is willing but your little legs just can't quite make it, doesn't it Demps? I hope the weather subsides so you can get back out and supervise farm operations again!

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Hey Demps, mom just doesn't understand how it feels getting the little petunia stuck in the snow...brrrrrrrrr! Bailey and Radar don't care to get theirs in the snow either. They have to have daddy shovel off the patio and few pathways to get them out.

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Our babies haven't seen snow yet. We live in North Carolina (not in the mountians) and are hoping that we will get snow this year. It was sixty-nine degrees today. :confused:

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Addie loves the snow, but she does turn into a wimp when it drops below 15 degrees. She starts limping, her little feet are so cold. So I strap on her UltraPaw booties, she spends 5 minutes pretending she can't walk, and then she starts darting in glee around the yard.

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