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While Mom and Dad are at work....


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I just got a full-time job. I started last week.... but I am really stressed about leaving Ripley all day. Last week, my mom came to let her out mid-day, and I have made arrangements for next week. My husband and I will both leave at 7:30 and not get home till 5:30 and work nearly 20 miles from home so coming home for lunch is expensive and not very practical (REALLY would have been nice to get a job closer, but I'm just lucky to have gotten one at all). My goal is to eventually work from home. I am looking for a remote position so we can start a family, but this is our current situation.

Ripley has not had an accident in FOREVER! But...that is 10 hours! I don't think that is fair to her even if she can hold her bladder that long. I am trying to convince Kenneth to install a doggie door, but we have french doors with glass leading into the backyard and I'm not sure how that will work.

How do you deal with this situation? I'm sure MANY of you work full time jobs and have faced the same dillema!

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Congrats on the new job!! I know what you mean about the commute. I'm still unemployed, and am looking at jobs an hour away, either by train or by car. And of course, my first concern is the dogs! Zekey has done very well with the doggy door, and unsupervised yard time during the day. Gavin, though, is a barker -- barks at scents, while digging a hole, and any dogs that are out in their yards in the neighborhood. He's gained too much weight to use the doggy door I have from the kitchen to the breezeway (I'm going to have to enlarge the hole one of these days), but he'll use the door from the breezeway to the yard. But he's the reason I shut both of them in my room at night -- he'd let himself out at 3am and start barking. I'm dreading dealing with this issue when I do find a job.

10 hours is probably the limit. If you can, continue the arrangement for someone to let him out during the day (or actually hire someone). Or, is it possible for you and your husband to stagger your schedules by an hour? That would cut the alone time down to 8. You can always try the doggy door. They have some that go through walls, if that's even feasible. I know I'd hate to ruin a French door, but I'd do it if I had too.

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That is tuff. I don't know how you guys do it. Since we are on a farm this is an issue that I don't need to deal with - but I do deal with it a little during planting and harvest and I don't like it. If the days are nice Demps has a big outdoor kennel - he does not like it, but I figure it's better than being in the house. During bad weather days he is in the house and he does quite well. Sometimes it can be 12 hours. They seem to adjust and I am amazed that even though Demps wears a peepee pad - lots of times I come home and he's dry. If nobody is around to excite him he does good.

Congrats on your job. I know that you will find a way to keep everybody happy. Ideally - if you had someone nearby that would get an enjoyment out to seeing Ripley - but maybe you can find a day care and like some of the others, even if he went a couple days a week. Even if you just look into doggie care, you might run into someone who can help. Ripley would like a doggie door. Next you would have to escape proof the backyard. Good luck - it will work out.

Elsie, Max, Meeko & Lori


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My two used to be left alone from about 7:30am to 5:30pm. As long as we kept to that schedule they adapted, and we had almost no problems. They had this schedule for a few years, from about age one to four. Ten hours is about all mine would take. We pushed it a couple of times past 6:30pm and they were almost literally standing by the door with their legs crossed when we got home.

Congratulations on the new job! Ripley will adapt to your new schedule, she'll just make you feel guilty about it. They are Cairns after all.

Who rescued whom?

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It is tough when you have to leave them for a long time. In addition to considering doggie day care maybe there is a dog walker in the area who could come and take Ripley out for a little while?

Couldhe go to work with one of you? I know some jobs will let people bring their dogs in. I did that for a while with another dog I had a while back. It was great for me and the dog and the other people working there. He was sort of our mascot.

Good luck - I'm sure things will work out.

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Maybe a high school or college kid in the neighborhood looking for a little cash? Just an option to think about - put Pegi goes 10-11 hrs. at night without a problem.

Linda & Pegi

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Well, there is only a handful of people that I would trust in my home and with a key to my home. One in particular I am considering hiring to do the job, but I don't know.... It's awkward to ask someone you are close to in case they feel obligated to do it and aren't comfortable saying "no".

I'm a medical assistant, so I can't bring her to work and I just got a big NO on the doggy door from my husband (Mom thinks it's a stupid idead too....but hey, I am just way more concerned with the comfort and care of my dog). Luckily, I get off early on Friday- she will only be alone 7 hours- which I think is okay.

During the day, she has access to the hallway and kitchen- the living room is gated off. Even though she is so well behaved even with access to the whole house, I think boundaries are good for her. I am seriously considering asking that family member. What is an appropriate amount to offer her per week for this service?

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I'd guess that varies in different parts of the country.

Try googling dog walking services see what those people charge to give you some idea.

Maybe if she's a good friend you could do some kind of bartering arrangement. She walks Ripley you do X for her? We do quite a bit of helping each out in this way where we live as not too many people have a lot of cash to spare.

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