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How to tell if a Cairn is purebred or not?


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I've adopted Yoda, a 2 year old Cairn Terrier from my local Humane Society last summer, and he is a great addition to our family. But lately, it has been brought up to my attention that he looks 80% purebred Cairn, but with a long body. I have never had a Cairn before, and never saw a purebred Cairn, so I don't know how they look like. Below are some pictures and videos of him, so you can be the judge.

Thank you

Video of Yoda fetching balls:







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100% Cairn, looks and behavior wise even with that quasi-Scottie groom job! Let your groomer know that you own a Cairn Terrier--no skirts, no beards. Lovely dog nonetheless--you will be (or should be) making donations to your Humane Society for years for this great gift. That's how and where I got my first Cairn and now I am a helpless, slobbering, Cairn addict.

Don't worry about the length--Cairns vary--I have a long one and a stubby one.

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Without papers, it's hard to tell with 100% certainty, but Yoda certainly looks like a Cairn. I agree with Idaho, that it's the grooming that is making him look a bit Scottie-like. Cairns usually rock a scruffier, longer-haired look. If you let his hair grow in, he'll probably look a little shorter-bodied as well. He is adorable, nonetheless. :D

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Aww, Yoda looks to be a 100% imp to me! If you really want to know, get one of those DNA kits. I did! Zekey's from the SPCA, and turned out to be 50/50 Cairn/Papillon. I knew he was a mix. I also adopted Gavin, but he looks all Cairn to me, so no testing.

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Yoda is absolutely beautiful. He looks like a true cairn - acts like a cairn - must be a cairn! Great pics! Nice video. Glad Yoda is in your family. :)

Elsie, Max, Meeko & Lori


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Looks like a cairn to me. Acts like a cairn - must be a cairn! Only way to tell is DNA test as said above. Some have longer bodies. Some have shorter bodies. All are smart, independent, lively, loving buddies,


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1 Question why on earth do u have the collar thingi on him while he's playing fetch?! Haha he might trip on it!

Your cairn looks absolutely beautiful! I don't know why mine has a fluffy moon shaped tail and yours doesn't, But I think purebred is not supposed to have a fluffy tail so it's looking for you! :D

But keep in mind, everyone here has a purebred cairn in their hearts :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil:

Click to show the full size image!

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Great video! The only thing that would make me think that Yoda is not a full cairn terrier is the fact that he brings the ball back to you and doesn't drop it 5 ft. Away from you and expect YOU to step to the ball to toss it again! Ha! What a fun cairn to watch....so eager!

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oh goodness....if he isn't 100% cairn I'll be doggone. I have to agree that his cut is not a "cairn" cut but the fact that he LOVES tennis balls seems to be one trait in common with mine. Absolutely love his coloring. Idaho is right, you owe a debt a gratitude to SPCA. Welcome to the forum and looking forward to hearing all about Yoda the Cairn Terrier.

Husband and dog missing ...25 cents reward for dog

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