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You have got to buy this book!


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Well, I'm not gone from this site. Can't pull myself away from it. I'm also realizing, that, that means I will probably get another cairn someday!

I bought an e-book yesterday. It was mentioned on the Col. Potter Cairn Rescue blog sometime in 2010. Yes, I have been reading that blog.....a lot. The book is by Stanley Coren and is titled "Born to Bark" I am 169 pages into it and am laughing hysterically at this man and his cairn that he received as a gift from his wife (she is now sorry!) Here is a excerpt from Chapter 12: "The Devil Is In The DNA If you read the genetic code of a terrier it would say, 'bark-eat-bark-dig-bark-chase-bark-grab-bark-kill it (if it is little, furry, and moves quickly'-bark-growl-bark-tug-bark-shred-bark-ignore sounds from two-footed creatures-bark-bark..."

I am loving this book. If you havent' read it, I'm thinking you should. So, yes, it's making me think a little. I know you guys will enjoy it!

Oh, and his description of getting a new refrigerator delivered with flapping plastic is hilarious.

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Thank you for the suggestion. Hubby's birthday is in a couple weeks ... Good gift. Hope you're doing well ... We've been on Col Potter also. Not sure of we will get another soon.???

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Our neighours (who love our dogs almost as much as we do!) bought us the book for Christmas. Definitely a fun read and one that any Cairn owner will relate too.

I was addicted to the Col. Potter website when we were thinking of adding our second. We had actually been approved and assigned our case worker when we stumbled upon Eddie. If it hadn't been love at first sight with our little guy we would have had a Col. Potter rescue join our family. It's such a great organization and there's so many cairns that need a good home. Unfortunately I think two is our limit!

When you're ready, you'll know!

Jo, Jagger & Eddie


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I have read this, too, and really enjoyed the book. My favorite part? When he talks about taking the dog to obedience, trying to get the dog to stay as he walks acros the room, and watches as the dog -- on its belly the whole time -- "swims" across the floor, scooting on its stomach, to get closer to him. A real hoot!

And something, owning a cairn, I can relate to.

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Has anyone else stumbled over the Hunting Elf audiobook site? http://www.huntingelf.com/ "Elf" is a Silky Terrier, but a mental picture of a cairn substitutes just fine; hilarity ensues, of course! Any web-accessible phone or tablet should also be able to enjoy this audiobook.

Does anyone have a follow-up on what happened to the CricketCast Episodes? I recall the site getting hacked and losing a number of the early episodes, then I seemed to have lost track of it. Found a thread about it, on here from 2006--http://www.cairnterrier.org/forum/topic/4538-cairn-movies-cricketcast/ If anyone wants a look at the (apparently) remaining episodes on the web I found these on Youtube, the Intro to the series + episodes 12-14

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Will be getting the Kindle edition of Born to Bark next week when I get paid. I love dog books. I was just going to write a rec of my own on this site.

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Gave the Born to Bark book to my husband last week and he finished it in 5 days. He loved it and couldn't stop talking about it. My turn next.

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