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Close call...


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So, this morning my daughter and I were watching a movie in my bedroom. My husband had gone to pick up our boy from kindergarten. The dogs started barking, so we both figured they had pulled in. As I was getting my shoes on, my daughter went tearing out of my room for the front door, ignoring all yells telling her to stop. By the time I made it out to the living room, she had already opened the front door (expecting Daddy to be out there). Of course, all 4 dogs made their bid for freedom. Now mind you... there's 2 Cairns, one Husky mix and a Shih Tzu (who we are dog sitting). I ran out the front door, calling names and yelling "house! girls, house!" (our command for coming back inside). Thankfully, Gabbie (the husky) and both Cairns came running home and darted back in the house like such good girls. However, Zumi, the Shih Tzu, decided she wasn't finished playing. So we played keep away for a few minutes before I finally convinced her to get her butt back inside. I'm just thankful that my girls happen to have a good recall, something neither breed is particularly known for!!

The only thing better than owning a Cairn is owning two!

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They probably heard the panic in your voice and decided to go easy on you. :P Glad it worked out.

Elsie, Max, Meeko & Lori


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I know exactly how you felt. Thank goodnes you got them all back inside - safe and sound. Our previous dog (Westie) never caused us any concern when she went outside. She never ventured far from the house and at the time, Oldfox and I didn't appreciate what we had. We sure do now with Layla - I paniced this past weekend as she managed to get away from me three times - I kept calm and each time she came back to wherever I was - so like I say, I know exactly how you felt.

Husband and dog missing ...25 cents reward for dog

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