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What is in a name?


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My DH was asking me to look up a crossword clue and it happened to be about our cairn Cassie. Turns out she is well named. She is constantly trying to tell us that something is about to happen in the backyard, and we never listen to her. This is the curse that Apollo put on Cassandra.

"These individuals are not the slightest bit offended at being called “Cassandras”. On the contrary, they are quite happy to wear the title. They understand that “Cassandra’s curse” was not that she was a liar, or stupid or delusional. Rather, her curse was that she could see the future where others could not or would not."

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Insofar as we are concerned, and as the forum members can vouch for, it took us forever to come up with a name for our new baby. We must have had fifty choices that we discarded one by one. Several we looked up on line for the original meaning of. Hawkeye once said, once you stumble over THE name you will know it. And so it was when we came up with Layla. I've always been a big fan of Eric Clapton and loved this song but I also liked the sound of it and found it easy to pronounce. I have no idea if there is any background on the name other than this song - but hubby (oldfox) came up with a good one.

Husband and dog missing ...25 cents reward for dog

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Well, when we got Fudgie, she was already named. We figured there had to be a reason. We pondered and pondered trying to understand why this sweet little dark cairn was named so. Life went on in our home to no avail. One fine day, we go out into the kingdom. The carriage ride was wonderful, even exciting for Fudgie The Cairn. Head out the window enjoying the breeze. One of our stops of the day included the dreaded evil vet at his big old castle. We meekly knocked and entered. After sitting on a long pew looking bench for sometime, the king of the castle called her name "Fudgie". We were whisked away into "the room" which we had only heard about. And then left alone for awhile. The door finally opened and in came the sinister king. He tried to trick Fudgie with his wooing, petting and small talk. All at once he pulled out a needle (sword) and stabbed it into her back side. As soon as the needle went in, a big fudgie tootsie roll came out her butt and landed with a thud on the table. The king then released her and sent her back to her little village, where she was the talk of the village. All the other dogs wanted to hear all about the scarry castle and the sworded king. Once again Fudgie was the center of attention. Even today on her daily walks, Fudgie has to tell her brave story to the other dogs. They never tire of hearing from her how her uprights had to go to the king to find out the true meaning of her name. And to this day, Fudgie The Tootsie Roll dropper still tells the story and even leaves hidden proof of the tootsie rolls in the village on her walks. The end.

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