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Naughy little Cairn....and Labrador


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Two days ago, as I was getting out of the shower, I heard a rustling of paper coming from my dining room. As I entered the room, I spied my Cairn, Murphy's, stuffed toy hedgehog we had bought for him for Christmas sitting in the middle of the floor. Murphy was sitting right beside it with that 'I'm innocent, Mom' look on his face. Gracie, our Lab, was chewing on a bone we had bought for her. Seems our naughty pups broke into their Christmas packages a little early. I'm trying to figure out how they got them unwrapped so fast!! :devil::halo:

Merry Christmas everyone! :santa2:

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Two Christmas cards fell down from my display yesterday - one was a Cairn one and one other. I was in kitchen and returned to living room to find Holly happily chewing one card up - but she had not picked the Cairn card fortunately!


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All the stockings in our house were placed on the shelves of a bookcase, out of reach for nosy canines. Somehow - I suppose by scent - Buffy figured out which stocking belonged to her and Ziggy and sat on the floor staring at it; whining, whimpering and dancing on her hind legs. It was quite a performance. We gave each dog one of their new rawhide chews on Christmas Eve and by Christmas morning the performance was repeated. We have a few more toys and treats still in the stocking and can't wait to see what she'll do today. :P

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