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Skunk Alert!


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Last night I went out with the dogs for their last potty at about 11:00 o'clock, and they immediately ran to the chain-link fence and started barking like mad. I always have a flashlight with me on that trip and I spotted a good-sized skunk scurrying across the neighbor's back yard. Thank goodness it wasn't in our yard where the dogs could have & would have been right after it! I will now be going out to do a sweep of the back yard before the dogs are allowed out at night. One skunk spraying episode & cleanup was enough for me! :surrender:


Jim, Connie, Bailey & Sophie


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It is a blessing when you miss a close call. Glad Mr. Stinky was on the other side of the fence.

Yesterday, Dempsy and I were going down a gravel road around a curve and here, out of the ditch, came the BIGGEST SKUNK IN THE WORLD! He was half way in the road so I decided I would go in between him and the ditch - then the skunk decided to go back to the ditch so Demps and I had to make a last minute maneuver and .... we missed him. What a relief. We had to come back that way too and Dempsy and I had a chuckle - we could smell him - so Mr. Skunk must of got pretty excited. :P

Elsie, Max, Meeko & Lori


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I saw one in our backyard (Mass) last week, so now I also give the yard a sweep before I let Pegi off the deck! My last dog was sprayed and smelled like a snunk for 6 months every time it rained!

Linda & Pegi

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We have a skunk that likes to roam in front of our apartment window in the spring and fall. It is there soo much that I have named it Petunia (I know, I'm a dork :)). Everytime we take Oliver out at night and smell him I panic that it is going to fly out from the bushes and spray him! Luckily nothing as of yet and hopefully we will never experience it (in a one bedroom apartment I think it would be especially bad-no where to go). I'm glad that you were spared that skunkfest this time :)

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That was a close encounter...phew! It's never fun having to care for a stinky dog at bedtime although Bailey & Sophie probably wanted to give them a piece of their mind.

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