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My Cairn can open our patio door


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Gus, the bigger Cairn can open our sliding Pella Patio door with his nose. I let them out, leave the door cracked 1 inch, when they are ready to come in, Gus sticks his nose in the crack and slides the door open wide enough to get back in the house... Sorry no pics at this time...Believe it or not!:thumbsup:

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Chase and Gus video

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I bet he really thinks he is a big boy. Specially when he has to help the other one get in - he loves it that you let him be independent. :) Sweet.

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If I don't lock my sunroom door Sugar jumps up and pulls the handle down and the uses her nose to open the door for all to come in....Cairns are so smart!


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Stella will open the door if it's open enough to get her snout in. I've seen her open it for Haggis, who will otherwise simply stand outside it, waiting to be let in or out. The door doesn't slide worth a hoot at the moment, so one (or both) of the girls will now bark at the door to summon us to let the old boy in.

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I love Cairns! Mine does this too. He's also figured out how to let down the windows in the car. Thank God for child locks!

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Yeah, we have a pocket door on one of our bathrooms and if you don't pull it all the way closed, the dogs get their noses in and push it open, then barge right in. There's no privacy at our house!

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Baby Fly will push on any closed door in the house just to see if there's any possibility of getting through it. All she needs is a small opening for leverage. ha

Cairns are just so curious. Baby Fly wants to know what's going on in every room in the house at all times.

This morning Dad was up early and took her outside. He had closed the bedroom door but I guess it didn't catch all the way. When they came back in Baby Fly said, 'Hey Daddy! Look over there!" and pushed her way through the door to get to a sleepy Mommy before Daddy could figure out he was being had.

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I always say Chewy uses his snout to make up for not have opposable thumbs!

He uses it to push open doors, open cabinet doors (both by getting his snout under the edge and then flipping it open AND on the magnetic ones he pushes it in with his snout to make it pop open), open zippers (especially on the grooming bag with the TREATS in it), flip over rugs, push open the trash can lid - he's a mess!

Our friends don't understand WHY we have to put things on the top shelf to keep away from our sweet little doggies.

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