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Terrier in Salt?


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A movie-savvy -- but not dog-savvy -- friend has just told me that, in the Angelina Jolie movie "Salt" which opens today there is a dog that "looks alot like one of yours -- the lighter one." That's my red wheaten T Bone. I don't think this is my kind of movie so I am not likely to see it. He thought, though, that the dog was really cute. Does anyone have any idea what kind of dog it is?

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Hi, I'm from the UK and did a bit of an intro in 'Cairn Life' 'Getting to know you'

He's a Norfolk Terrier and his name is Stamp.


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Idaho Cairns

Maggie, read your intro. Welcome to the forum--get us some pictures of your Scruffy--a great name for a Cairn by the way. I love Norfolks as well--tiny little rough terriers with those quizzical looks! They always act like they are trying to figure out what humans are up to.

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Thanks for the ID, Scruffynmag! And welcome too.

I guess a norwich does look somewhat like my T Bone. The friend -- did I mention he is NOT dog-savvy?? -- who identified the dog as looking like mine knows so little I was afraid it might be a golden retriever puppy or something. :confused:

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