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A dog's dream


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hey dawgs, currey here!

how ya'll been for the past week? me and my uprights just got home from the most wonderful adventure! usually, when the uprights go away, i hang out at the kennel, but this time, they took me with them for a whole week! i had to be tethered inside the house a lot of the time cuz the screen doors of the house didn't have good latches and i could knock the doors right open. i still got to have a lot of fun in the sun! we visited a big lake in vermont and let me tell you, you gotta keep both eyes on that water. it seems so nice and drinkable one second, then the next it jumps over a rock and tries to get ya! when the wind was blowing the lake was really really sneaky. i think its evil like a vacuum cleaner and i made sure to bark at it really good when it tried to get us. i got to go for rides in kayaks and everything! when i was out with my mommy human, i fell in and didn't like that one bit! here's some pictures of my awesome trip so all you dawgs can see!

gotta get back to napping on my couch - it missed me while i was gone!


me kayaking with my mommy human and trying so hard to get my sea legs:


me happy to be back on the dock after falling in:


i'm the captain of this ship!


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It's fun to be around the uprights. Really glad they took you along. Happy couching!

Elsie, Max, Meeko & Lori


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Looks like you had great fun. The life jacket fits you perfectly. Where in VT did you go?

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me and the uprights went to south hero which is on an island in lake champlain.

i really hated my life vest and pretended that i couldn't walk when they first put the life vest on me! at the pet store i walked around in it cuz all the girls working there were watching me and feeding me free treats! yeah, i'm that cute, what can a dog do? when we got home i played a game of cairn statue and wouldn't even move for a piece of string cheese! the uprights even thought they'd have to return the vest because i made myself look so pathetic. but then they took me for a walk with it on and there was a squirrel and i sprinted after him and chased him up a tree, OOPS! i guess we can't trick them all of the time, but its always worth trying! then they knew i was jus' faking it! i liked the lake enough that i tolerated the vest so that i could hang out with the uprights on the dock and in the kayaks.

hairy putter, i found out that in some kayaks you can ride up front like that but others don't have a cozy hole that the upright sits down in and then its really easy to fall out. i heard the uprights saying that the water i fell in was 58 degrees!


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GREAT pics! Glad you had so much fun!

<<a game of Cairn statue>>


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Oh, I bet they had a blast! I wish we could do that with ours!

Sparky Jones & Scout Jones
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