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The Growling SNACKER

Zekey's Mom

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Silly boy Zekey... he finally found a dog biscuit that I placed on a chair about 10 days ago (maybe his sniffer's broken?). Usually with treats, he swallows them before I can even take my had away, but sometimes, he just plays with the treat, like a cat!

He'll start pouncing on it, growling (of course), and maybe nibble a corner. He does this especially with the elaborate dog "cookies" that he receives as gifts -- he'll play with it, hide it, but not eat it! The other thing that fascinates him is hard candy -- I caught him playing with something really interesting to him -- a hard piece of butterscotch in it's wrapper!

These guys -- worth they weight in gold for how much they make me laugh! :D

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I'm surprised he doesn't eat it -- Bailey will swallow the treats whole if I let him.

Another funny story...I gave Bailey a stuffed monkey with the long legs & arms (not a dog toy) and he's been running around the house full of himself. He drags it all over and when my husband came home he greets him with this monkey and his tail is wagging like crazy. It's his new best friend. :lol:

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Silly boy Zekey... he just plays with the treat, like a cat!

Didn't you write in an earlier post that perhaps Zekey is not completely 100% Cairn... possibly a mix? Well, now we know what Zekey is mixed with! :thumbsup:


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Oliver does the same thing with Bully Sticks & Booda Bones. He will eventually eat it but only after growling at it, barking at it, running around it, pouncing it and then growling again. I think it is the funniest thing!! :D I am assuming that it is because they are soo excited to get the "special" treat.

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