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Life with a cairn in North Central PA

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Dogs and deer and culling deer

Spring and the baby fawns will soon be in my yard and in the woods all around. Never heard of momma deer charging. Maybe we have more space for deer here to keep their babies safe. It is momma bears we have to watch out for. Those cute cubs gamboling around and straying from their mother's side makes her very anxious. Angus will chase the white tails when we are out walking but is learning like all my previous dogs that he will never catch one. More of a token chase nowadays. In the yard he is



Guns in town and guns in the country

I lived in Chicago for ten years. I heard guns every night. People were shooting and killing each other. Everyday folks killed from fear, from anger, from need to beat rivals and rival gangs. The police shot to try and keep order. I've lived in the back country for twenty years I hear guns every Fall and some in the Spring. Hunters are killing animals and birds. They hunt for the thrill of the chase, for food to put in the freezer, maybe for a trophy to hang on the wall. This is an area




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