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Change in posting?


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I see a difference in the arrangement of posts today. The first and last posts of a topic are shown, then below is a new (to me) section titled "Posts in this topic", where previous posts are listed with the posters name, date & time of the post, and a brief description. What's the scoop? Enjoy your weekend in Wyoming!

Jim, Connie, Bailey & Sophie


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From your description it sounds like your post display style has been set from "Standard" to "Outline". You can set it back using the Options drop-down on the right side of the blue bar containing a post title.

Standard is the usual flat display, the full text of one post following the next. Outline is the last post with all other posts in a sort of table of contents style. Linear+ is like standard, but keeps the first post at the top in full text at all times. You can change views at any time. I don't know how your view got changed. Sometimes when I follow a google search result that leads to a forum post, the robot will have crawled the forum in Outline view and that will reset my view to match. I always change it back to Standard. Some folks like the outline view, but I prefer to read in flat mode.

On to Greeley this morning, after a leisurely breakfast and walking the dogs...

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Thanks, Brad. That big dummy :confused1: isnt't good for much except taking us for walks and feeding us. We don't know why he even has a computer, he has to get one of us to turn it on and off for him! We got the "Options" thing fixed for him so maybe you can enjoy your weekend without him bothering you again. Wish we were with you guys instead of here in Lah-Lah Land with you-know-who.

Have a great weekend!!-----Bailey & Sophie

Jim, Connie, Bailey & Sophie


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