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PETA in Franklin, TN


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Cross posted with permission from the SHOW CHAIR OF THIS SHOW! PLEASE READ!

Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2007 15:57:46 -0600

From: Stuart <frogking@...>

Subject: Monday, final report from Franklin

Please crosspost... full permission from Franklin show chair...

I am the show chairman for the Nashville Kennel Club and the cluster

chairman for the Country Music Cluster in Franklin, TN. This story has

gotten out of hand and untrue. No one stole a dog. A man and small child

were at the shows. Someone overheard him say that he thought it was cruel

to keep the dogs in the cages. He took pictures of a few dogs (all were in

appropriate size crates and well taken care of). We were alerted to look

for him and make sure nothing happened. We never found him or the child.

We had alerted our security and watched entrances to the bldg and let people

enter through one entrance. A man fitting the description was seen with a

boxer. He was at a crate, when asked if he was from PETA, he said yes, he

was. Then he proceeded to put the boxer in the crate and leave. It turned

out he was the owner of the boxer and a dog person known to the boxer

people. He thought he was just being funny when he said it and didn't know

we were under the impression that someone might be at the show to cause

problems (which it turned out no one was ever identified).

He apologized for causing the commotion.

PLEASE STOP THIS RUMOR!!! No one tried to steal a GSD or any other dog. We

took precautionary measures to keep any potential problems from arising.

Thank you,

Brenda Weiss, Nashville KC

Listen to everyone but make up your own mind...
Kathy & Cairnz
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