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Earthdog Test - Kent, Washington


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Well it was an interesting and fun weekend in Kent, Washington. Peggy had to work all weekend so Echo and Stella and I went up alone to the Puget Sound Earthdog Club test at the Whall residence in Kent. I had high hopes because both Echo and Stella have 3 of the 4 needed qualifying legs toward their Master Earthdog title (the highest level currently attainable). With two tests on the weekend, I had four chances to earn somebody a title! Never mind that we went 0/4 earlier this year on Whidbey Island. Oh well, hope springs eternal.

To be completely honest, all bets were on Stella to earn her title, even though she's only two years old. Her mother Echo is a more focused hunter - but so focused that when the trapdoor opens at the end of the working period and the handler has 15 seconds to extract her from the den ... well, she backs away from the trapdoor so no one can reach her! She doesn't want the game to end. And so it went on Saturday. The judge didn't like her quarry indication so she'd have flunked anyway - but per usual, after she finally did finish working the rats, I was unable to get her out in time, as has happened so many times before. Likewise, Stella's indication was not to the judge's liking, although she did everything else to perfection.

So on to Sunday where I prayed Stella would put it all together. Well one could hope!

Stella ran first today (Sunday) with a Border Terrier named Luke. Luke did great and Stella is a Stellar hunting companion, but again her quarry indication was lackluster. Worse, she failed to traverse the 30 feet of den and make it to the quarry. She failed miserably (if cutely - Stella is crowd pleaser even when she's flunking out).

Echo also ran with a Border Terrier, this one named Riever. They both hunted beautifully and best of all they worked cooperatively, so that today's judge found Echo's indication of the quarry entrance entirely satisfactory. When it was her turn to work the tunnels, Echo did wonderfully, and gave the rats a good 90-second talking-to with ear-splitting enthusiasm.

I was pretty much resigned to failing yet again on the extraction portion of the test (getting her out of the den in the 15 seconds allotted) but decided that I would give it the old college try anyway. I lifted the trapdoor and she retreated back in the tunnel as usual. I tapped my fingers on the front of the quarry end and she came forward to give the rats another earful. I decided to simply drop my hand like the hammer of Thor on her and in a lightening flash grabbed her by the scruff of the neck and had her out of the tunnel before she knew what hit her. The judge timed the extraction at 3 seconds! With that, a fourth qualifying leg in Master, and new Master Earthodog title. :D I am pleased to introduce Robinsend Bit of a Thrill ME (Echo), posing below with judge Norm Row, Echo and me, and test chairwoman Lia Bijsterveld.


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I bet Peggy was surprised!

Tracy, Amos, Walter, Brattwrust & Mettwurst a.k.a The Gremlins

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Congrats to Echo and to Dad!!! That is awesome! Now you can come down here and start working with Savannah. Aw, come on, Georgia's not that far! :whistle:

We give dogs time we can spare, space we can spare and love we can spare. And in return, dogs give us their all. It's the best deal man has ever made.

-M. Acklam

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Congratulations to Echo, you too, Brad! I love how you described your college try and dropping your hand on her like the hammer of Thor, and in only 3 seconds. :thumbsup: I doubt I'd ever get my oldest, Kiara to ever come out of the tunnel. Now you can just focus on little Stella following in her "mom's" steps and getting the last leg. I bet she is a real crowd pleaser. She's one of the cutest Cairns I've ever seen.

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Congratulations Echo & Brad. I like the proud Papa picture. Maybe Stella and Echo planned to only have one make the master title.....didn't want to over excite Dad and have him bouncing around like a Cairn puppy. :)

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Brava to Echo from Uncle Geordie and Aunt Maggie. This was the exact place where Maggie made it unequivocally (but not vocally) clear that she would have nothing more to do with Earthdog tests.

"And the Award for Best Actress in a Sub-retting Role Goes to. . ."

Geordie always had fun there, but something always hung him up there. The last time was years ago in pursuit of his second or third Masters leg. For some reason, he decided that the "root" obstacle was something under which one must dig. About 80 seconds elapsed before he emerged dusty and eager to catch his breath. Back in he went and continued digging under the PVC. Out he came again, surrounded with an even bigger cloud of dust reminiscent of Pigpen in Charles Schultz's Peanuts cartoons.

So I am duly impressed with Echo's title, and she deserves a whole truckload of green tripe!

I am always impressed with Stella (Frances, to me). She inspires me and she is the one and only Cairnzilla!. She will have her title shortly.


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Congratulations Echo and Brad!!!

I'm going to have Lilly Earthdog tested for the 1st time in Sept. in Hughesville W. Va.

Wish us Luck! We're both new at this earthdog stuff.

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Great picture! By the way, Lilly resembles your Echo.

She is a Gray Brindle, Black Mask, just a little more petite at 12.5 lbs. (measures 10.38")

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Yeah, right on! I'm soo proud and jealous!

We don't have time to learn this sport right just now....my guys sure are hell on lizards though! One day...meanwhile you are our hero!

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