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I was recently at a Cairn specialty where there was show judging and also obedience. I kept having the distinct feeling like in high school that we obedience people weren't part of the "in" crowd..although we were treated great. I think we pet owners owe it to our dogs to take the time to play and train our Cairns. I am now teaching my older dog (he's 3) the open exercises (the retrieve, broad jump and go outs) and it is an absolute joy to see him excited about training again. He just loves it and he is a typical Cairn. (he won't do somethinga million times in a row like a lab) And last night while we were doing retrieves, he decided to take off after a squirrel..typical... These guys are so intelligent and they learn so quickly..its a shame if we don't take advantage of that intelligence. Even teaching your dog tricks takes advantage of that. I would encourage more Cairn owners to get involved in obedience training of some kind, its good for you and your dog! Plus it would be nice to see more of you at obedience trials!

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This week at our Obedience class (we are all working on or CGC and a few of us are considering rally), I just had to laugh The entire class consists of labs, golden retrievers and lab/retriever mixes Then there is myself and another Cairn. This week EVERY dog in the class was either out of control or completly distracted. Except for the Cairns who where spot on! :halo: Our instructor was bit incredulous, as she did not have any great expectations out of the Cairns because of their "terrier-tude".

As far as feeling 'tolerated" at the show. In my limited experience, I have seen down right snarky behavior ringside at confirmation shows as well. I could not believe how folks would tear into other folks dogs :shy: I understand that an ideal type is being looked for in the confirmation classes, and that there is some degree of critque that comes with that. But when the comments began to get personal, well that is unacceptable. As someone who was looking for a pet and wanting to educate myself about the various breeds I was interested in, this became very off putting. I know that there are always bad apples in the barrel, but there have seemed a bit more at the dog shows I have attended over the years.

That said, I have also met some very lovely people who understood my interest and were willing to talk to me and educate me. Unfortunately the were a bit more difficult to find than the dog snobs.

Raise your expectations for what your Cairn can do....and try very hard to meet your Cairn's expectations of you.
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I agree..some of the Cairns I saw at this specialty were nasty! But I also once pulled my dog from sits and downs at a trial because a pit bull in line next to him kept trying to spar with him.

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