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New Avatar and Sig Pics


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Still learning how to post photos.

How do you get multiple in Signature?


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Thanks for asking - it allows me to give some context that may help many new members and explain the reasoning behind the forum rules about sigs for anyone who wondered.

  • Why 100px height limit to sig images? Images in sigs have a strong negative impact on the readability of posts. They distract from the post content - the talk, the conversation, the information. Once an image is repeated over and over and over, the reader has to skip it visually to find the next response in sequence. When you read a magazine or newspaper, the ads are usually in the margin, not interrupting the flow of the text every couple of sentences. The average post is only a few sentences or perhaps a few paragraphs. Sigs larger than 100px tall are often longer than the post itself. That kills readability. The same reasoning applies to limiting the number of lines in a text sig.

  • Why only one line of default text allowed if using an image in the sig? In general, the main reason I allow images in sigs at all is because on many forums, people use an image banner in place of (not in addition to) a conventional sig. They incorporate their contact information or website address or slogan or whatever into the actual graphic. For that reason there is no reason to do both a text sig and an image sig. The image banner is the sig.

  • How to insert multiple images into the sig? That's easy - just insert the next image the same as the first: using IMG tags. Because the text box provided for editing your sig is quite small, it will often look like the line is wrapping - but it won't wrap when done until/unless you press ENTER. The code for two images in a row looks like this:

[img=http://www.example.com/image-1.jpg] [img=http://www.example.com/image-2.jpg]

Note that the above is one line - it may show as two lines when you look at it if you don't have a wide monitor or if you run a low resolution, or you resize your browser window to be narrow.

Hope that helps!

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