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AKC Dog Show this weekend


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I watched the show over the weekend and noticed some things. I guess because the trainer in our confirmation class said watch and notice how they are handled I watched and listened. And bring questions and comments to class.

--Many of the dogs that were shown were shown by breeder, which I thought was awesome.

---I noticed how different the judges are. Some want you to show the teeth and others just jump right in opening the mouth and checking the dog. Some really watch the dogs move. I thought it was interesting when the one dog was sent to do the down and back again..

---Now did anyone notice that some of the owners were down on knees? Does it matter? I didn't see many handlers on knees, even with small dogs, just a few. I think it is ok to be down on your knee but thought it might be difficult if you have to stand up then move your dog. With my old knees I don


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The only part I really watched was the Terrier competition, and I noticed that Tink is definitely not show quality :P. Actually, we already knew that, but it was sure confirmed by the cairn in that competition. I worked on her grooming last night, and in the face she is all Cairn, but her hair is much softer and her legs too long. We didn't buy her to be a show dog, so that's no problem. Good thing :!:



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I was at the Dog Show in Tampa. It was great to be able to see show quality cairns there. I spoke with a lady that owned a cairn who won 2nd prize in the agility competition. And I thought that cairns would not be that focused for agility! I could only imagine me calling Skeeter to come and he would just sit there trying to tell me with his eyes: "make me".

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I was touched to see an 11 y/o dog in the ring. How great is that? I'm told with Cairns that every effort should be made to show them free-stacked and getting down on your knees is a desperation move. One of the top owner-handlers in the breed told me that while that's true, when push comes to shove, you've got to do whatever is necessary to show your dog in the best light - and if that means that on a given day you've got to get down to hand-stack your dog- well, so be it. He said the same thing about stringing up the dog (using a tight lead) - we are supposed to show our dogs on a loose lead and many judges will even remind you before you gait your dog. But he said if you have to string your dog up to keep it's head off the floor, well, so be it. I've been frustrated to say the least to hear a judge yell at exhibitors "Loose lead!" yet still put up a dog that's strung up. I guess that supports the advice I got, even though it depresses me.

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Hi Liz:

I saw a replay of the dog show this morning. In the best in show, I saw several people on their knees with the smaller breeds. However, the handler who won best in breed was standing. Watching the judge, (& also the Terrier group judge) I got the impression that she was walking past the kneeling handlers, and had disreguarded their dogs at first glance of them on their knees.

I don't think I would have ever really given it thought until I read your post and then re-watched the show.

Thank you :thumbsup:


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