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Cairns ears and tail

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hi everyone. i have recently purchased with my family a nine week old cairn terrier puppy from a pet store, we only want him for a pet so we are not too concerned about his conformation faults but we are interested. ive read that their ears are meant to be pointed but his flop over as they get older will this change? Also it says their tails should not fold over their back (his folds over his back) will this also change as he gets older if not does anyone no any methods of straightning it. he is such a little sweetie that we are not too concerned but curiosity is kicking in.

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Flopped ears seem common in pups and more often than not they typically come up after teething is over. If the tail is curling over his back, that is unlikely to change. It won't do in the show ring but doesn't affect a dog's ability to love, play, or be a delightful companion. Supposedly crusty old terrier handlers have backroom methods of 'fixing' tails, but I can't imagine anyone sane bothering since it's unethical as can be in the show ring and of no consequence outside it.

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hi my little maggie has the 'gay tail' apparently thats a common name for this... her tail was flat against her back until about 10-12 weeks and does still curl over to the 9 o'clock but it also straightens out nicely when she wants to! ...when i did conformation training with her, her tail stands nice and straight and when she is playing with other dogs it comes over the top... so what i say, who knows?...his tail might come up and like brad says, as a pet it certainly doesn't matter! i wouldnt think of doing anything to coerce that tail up! (other than treats!hahaha!)...i should add that it might help the ears and tail if they were 'clean'... i.e. had excess hair stripped off as per normal grooming...


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Our cairn, Fergus, also carries his tail "proudly" (1:00 to 2:00 o'clock position)and has, since he was a pup. His ears were another story. One ear stood erect from about 13 or fourteen weeks. The other one remained half mast until he was past nine months. He's almost 11 months now. We didn't think it was ever going to stand up. We recently had the opportunity to see his twin brother. neither of his ears are up yet. I've read that it could take as long as a year for it to happen.

Fergus :P & Alf

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My Kipper has about the ugliest tail I have ever come across but it is not a gay tail it does have some interesting contours to it though, It looks kind of like a crank and he only carries it well when he is pooping!

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