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Sent: Monday, May 02, 2005 3:44 PM

Subject: The Genetic Diversity Project: Opposed to Closed Stud Book

The work of Mr. Bragg, Dr. Wachtel, and Dr. Armstrong can be found on

>the website of the Genetic Diversity Project ("GDP")

>[http://www.canine-genetics.com/Genetics.htm]. These individuals

>appear to share a philosophy compatible with a rubric established by

>the GDP. At first glance, I did not see a GDP mission statement on

>the website.


>Bragg, Wachtel and Armstrong agree on the need to open the stud

books in order to achieve genetic diversity. They state:


>1. ". . . there is but one way to restore lost genetic diversity

>in a population, and that is by new gene inflow - in other words, by

>outcross breeding." Mr. Jeffrey Bragg ~ The Genetic Tide Continues

>to Swell: Will DNA marker research stop the flood? http://www.canine-



>2. "As a result of these developments [referring to genetic

>diseases and a limited gene pool~SPA], and most unexpectedly, last

>year the time-honored mother of modern pedigree breeding herself,

the English Kennel Club, has changed her basic and principal

centennial rule: dogs of unknown or "impure" origin are no more

absolutely excluded from being registrable if officially admitted!"

Dr. Hellmuth Wachtel "Breeding Dogs For the New Millennium"

http://www.lhasa-apso.org/health/hellmuth.htm (also available via



>3. "The registries (stud books) are closed for most breeds;

>therefore you cannot introduce diversity from outside the existing

>population." Dr. John Armstrong DIVERSITY AND THE PUREBRED DOG


>I would like to know more about the Cairn terrier stud book(s).

>Evidently, each country has its own stud book (e.g., AKC Cairn

>terrier studbook, Kennel Club UK Cairn terrier stud book, etc.). Is

>this correct?


>In addition, according to Dr. Wachtel, the "English Kennel Club" has

>recently opened its stud books. Do the UK breed clubs need to

>consent to open the stud book for their breed?


>Have the Cairn clubs in the UK opened the Cairn terrier stud book in

>that country?


>What does it mean, in practical terms, to have an open stud book?





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