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Peeing and pooing in the house at night

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Our 5 year old male Pug (3/4 pug 1/4 Pekinese) was hard to toilet train as a pup but we got there. He would have the odd accident and we put it down to when there was a change in the house I.e when we looked after a friends dog and then when we was selling our house and had viewers come to view the house. Our other dog a Cockapoo never was affected by this but she is a female so maybe that’s why?

When we go out we have to crate our pug otherwise he will pee all over the house. We take them outside throughout the day for a toilet but most nights the pug with pee or poo in the living room whilst we sleep. He has even started to pee up the side of his crate even though him. It in it at night. He sleeps at the bottom of our bed or in his basket on the floor. 

why is he doing this at night? How do we stop it? We just keep thinking his a dirty dog. If we go somewhere new inside his always looking to pee up something. His been castrated.

thanks in advance . 

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For the pooping, exercise him before bed and first thing in the morning and crate him at night. If he has to go so bad he poops in the crate he either needed an exercise break outside before bed, or has something going on that might need veterinary inquiry. Generally you can tell from the, er, quality of the poop if it was a gastrointestinal issue. 

The peeing sounds a lot like marking, which is a behavioral issue (assuming a UTI has been ruled out.). As a behavioral issue the remedy is usually watching him like a hawk and intervening before (or at the very moment) the thinks to hike his leg. Prevent all other opportunities for him to mark.

Extinguish and replacing marking habits may require  hundreds (if not thousands, sorry) of reliable repetitions/interventions before a reliable new habit develops.  The goal is for *you* to be 100% reliable on seeing and intervening on every impulse he has to mark. That means crating him if you cannot be watching him like a hawk. If you look away to talk to someone or answer the phone and he marks while your attention is away that will slow down or reverse  progress. 

Yes, it's exhausting — even moreso than initial house training because he now has an established habit that you are trying to extinguish and replace whereas with puppies you are helping them develop an initial habit from an essentially blank slate. The goal in this case is to rewire his brain. 

Good luck. Dogs are a lot of work but so worth it. 

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