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What method of correction do you use for barking while in crate? This only happens when we try to leave the house with her crated. She does great sleeping in crate (it’s in the bedroom). No problem putting her in and she stays there without complaint until the next morning. I tried verbal correction speaking through the security camera. She came unhinged! Freaked her out hearing my voice coming from the camera. 

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How old? Puppies normally get a "shush" and then we ignore them and let them work it out themselves.

Over the years some other things we have done with particular dogs include things like desentization to leaving by leaving with a code phrase (we use "watch the house") and then coming back in (in a very short period of time *before they start fussing*) and giving a treat; say the phrase and leave again, return. Leave again, return. Gradually extending the time gone.

One dog we covered her crate with a fitted cover (these days we'd likely just use a towel). We called that making her a parrot 😎 If a dog can't see outside the house or see other distractions like a passing cat or other dog they often calm down. This would probably be overkill, but for a sensitive dog or one on high alert and feeling the need to protect the house and sound the alarm over every imagined threat, sometimes screening out sensory overload can help them settle down. 

Mostly though we just outlast them. Eventually they recognize it does no good and gets them no attention.

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I found it almost impossible to stop my cairn Angus barking on command in a similar situation. He often came with me but not always. It wasn't the crate that was the problem ( like yours he always slept there)  it was that he wasn't coming along with me. He was annoyed and upset. I learned to ignore the noise after I quickly realised this and voice alone was not enough to quiet him. Dreadful carry on at first and for for a while. Then eventually as bradl mentioned he realised there was no point. I also used a phrase when I put him in the crate before leaving. "I'll be back" I'd say as I shut the crate door giving him a small treat as I did so. Eventurely there was no problem. He popped his crate, took his treat and curled up to snooze til I came back.



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Thank you. I was hoping the suggestions would be helpful. Both of these sound good. I have been putting her in the crate for short periods of time with me at home but in another room. She doesn’t bark right away so I’ve been extending her time a few minutes a session. I don’t want her to become accustomed to barking in her crate because then she’s unhappy and I’m stressed and unhappy. 
This one is my 6th dog but first Cairn.  Cairns need to come with a disclaimer “Not like other dogs” ! 😊

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5 hours ago, MyFirstCairn said:

T.  Cairns need to come with a disclaimer “Not like other dogs” ! 😊

They sure should! But they are worth every challenge. What you are doing sounds an excellent way to go. Patience and persistance and a sense of humor seems to be the way to go.

Best of luck. 

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