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Wanting to communicate w Cairn Breeders

Guest Tiggly

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Guest Tiggly


Id love to 'talk' to Cairn Breeders from anywhere and get to know the lines avalible, and more about this tough little character!

Ive started of with Brittanys, but after taking n a gorgeous show girl Im head over heels with this tough little breed and am doing plenty of 'homework' before I intend to breed her. After all breeding is to improve right???! :D

Thanks in advance and looking forward to getting to know anyone!

Amy (in Melbourne, Australia) B)

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Welcome Amy. If you are interested in researching pedigrees (and as you know every responsible breeder is) - Berit Rosenfeldt (with help from Kevin Durkin and a worldwide community of Cairn breeders) maintains a site that is a goldmine for Cairn pedigrees: www.cairn.dk/ped. *

It is not always updated like clockwork, and recently had to be moved to new software due to data-mining by a commercial concern, but there are currently 43,596 dogs in the database, including some Oz dogs, too. You can get the breeding history for some of the dogs (where offspring have been shown or entered into the database), do test breedings, and the like. It's terrific. I hope an update is in the future.

* Use the 'search link on the left of that page - the one in the main area of the page doesn't work.

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Guest posting as: Tiggly

Thank you so much for that page! Ive added it to my favorights. Yes, there are some great people here and Im find them helpful and so friendly, but as always i love to keep my options wide and varied as I want the best for my kennel! (who dosnt!)

The lady who I got Tigg from is such a great mentor! I cant thank her enough. Every time I take her in the ring they still cheer us on! (Im still getting used to slowing right down (not running as with the gundogs! lol)

Thanks again for the info and look foward to 'meeting' more Cairn people on the forum. :D

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Quick question, Brad.

I went to the Pedigree site and typed in the name of the Dam and Sire. It brought back results but nowhere mentioned the parents themselves. How does one read these results? :confused:

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Edit: It may be the case that your sire and dam are simply not in the database, but dogs that share some part of the name are. So you get results, but the results don't include the dog(s) you are looking for. Now that I think about, that was probably your question! I'm really slow some days. :P


Not sure I follow your question exactly. The Dam and Sire are the parents. To get the pedigree for a single dog, enter some part of its name into the search box. I'll put in part of my dog's name as an example: thrill. I get back results like these:

Your query matched 6 dogs out of 43596 in the database.

    * Cairnshaus Thrill Of Victory, M, Wheaten, 1986-05-08

    * AMCH Joywood's Thrill Of The Chase, M, Red Brindle, 1995-08-07

    * Oakrest O'thrill, F

    * GBCH Oudenarde Fair Thrill, F, Wheaten Dark Pts, 1975-06-04

    * Thrill O'tapscot, M, Wheaten Bdl Blk Ps, 1934-03-04

    * Thrill Of Trym, F

My dog Haggis' real name is Joywood's Thrill of the Chase, so I click on that name in the results. Now his pedigree comes up. His name, sex, color, and birthdate (if available - some dogs won't have all or part of that info) are listed across the top. In the leftmost column, on the top half, is his sire or father. Below that is his Dam or mother. That pattern repeats (sire above, dam below) for successive generations as you read left to right.

If you click on any name in the pedigree, you get the pedigree for the dog you clicked on. In this way you can 'drill down' through history, going as far back as there is data in the database. You can do lots of other stuff with the database, but that's how it works at the basic level: find a name and click on it!

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