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Help potty training!

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Hi everyone, having trouble with housebreaking Izzy, who is almost 5 months old. I have been taking her outside everybody few hours....sometimes she will go, other times she comes in and pees in her bed!  We have had her since she was 8 weeks old. I know she’s young but looking for suggestions. She is ok with pooping outside. 

Note Izzy is my second cairn.  

To make it more difficult I broke my ankle two weeks ago (walking her, slipped on the only patch of ice left in Massachusetts). Right now she has a variety of people taking her out and walking her. Not sure if this is contributing to the problem as she sees me as “her person”.  



Linda & Pegi

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Linda, my first step any time a dog is having accidents is always a trip to the vet for urinalysis to rule out infection or crystals.  My first Scottie had repeated, and I mean REPEATED bladder infections as a puppy, she'd be off antibiotics less than a week and start having accidents with blood in her urine.  Finally, my vet asked what I was feeding her, and I told him I was feeding her Science Diet puppy food.  He went and got a bag off the shelf, read the ingredients, and told me to find a food that did not have soybean meal as a partial protein source.  I think he was shocked at the low quality of the food he was selling.  I switched Maggie to Nutro Lamb and Rice, her UTI's cleared up, and never returned until she developed bladder cancer when she was ten.  So making sure you aren't dealing with a sub-clinical urinary tract infection is the first step, even in a puppy.  Once you rule out infection, then you can work on training techniques.

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So sorry about your ankle. It certainly adds to your woes! Despite the name “Science”diet, a number of folks here, including myself, find the ingredients to be sub-optimal, so good for your vet!  A checkup with vet might be a good idea. Other folks here might have hints on containing Izzy, etc. She is adorable. Good luck to both of you!

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She is a actually going to the vet next week; good idea. Presently she is eating Fromm dry food, which is what the breeder uses. Our vet has given thumbs up to it.  

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Linda & Pegi

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Linda, I am glad your puppy is going to the vet, sub-clinical UTI's are not at all uncommon.  I doubt the Fromm is the cause of any of your puppy's symptoms, it's a brand with a good reputation.  If there is no infection, which of course is the better outcome of a vet visit, then there are many things you can do to get your puppy over the housetraining bump in her life's road.

I hope your ankle doesn't limit your mobility too much longer, I am sure you'd rather be out in the spring sunshine playing with your pup!

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