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Angus starts agility!


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I've always wanted a dog to train in agility, and now I think I have one.  Angus finished his puppy obedience class last week, and this week he starts in puppy agility.  He is quicker than a lightning bolt...though just as erratic. 

He wasn't the best dog in the obedience class, but definitely not the worst.  The trainer said he was "good for a terrier." How often have I heard that in 35 years of owning cairns???

I just hope I can keep up with him in agility.  I haven't run around like that in years.  Right now I'm going to consider it an agility boot camp for me, and hope it helps me get in better shape. 

Steve is coming along with the camera, so I may have some photos -- blurry photos? -- to post as we go along.

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Cairns are a blast in agility.  Winston made it through puppy agility and had an absolute blast.  We also worked on weave poles over the winter and will be picking that back up again once things slow down here in the fall.  Good luck and have fun!

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Very exciting! Sam did puppy agility stuff and loved it...fearless. I wish I had kept it up. Perhaps I will see how Angus does and reintroduce Sam to agility . It’s good to keep them a bit hungry prior to the class...the treats are so much more alluring!

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Katie also started Agility in August. 

We are looking forward to more classes later in fall as our instructor is on maternity leave with his wife.

We had a great time and Katie enjoyed it as well. This is a work out! Especially for us more mature folks.

We had a class with 2 other dogs. One that had been in classes before and the other a sweet young border collie.

We started out slowly, learning one position at a time. Our instructor, Jon, was patient and encouraging. We were hopeful.

First was the pause box/platform, then the open tunnel. Next was the dog walk ramp, the jump ring and hurdles. Last was the weave poles and the A frame.

Having no experience with agility, it was a treat to have one experienced dog with us and of course the ever quick learner Border Collie.

Katie did very well learning each new challenge because there were treats all along the way! 

At the last class, she decided, in typical Cairn style. "you want me to do what?"  

We just smiled.  We were hooked on this activity and we know she was having a good time. 

The hardest for us was the weave poles. This will just take more time and practice....and treats! 

We are not interested in competition, just in having a fun learning experience for her. For us, great exercise! 





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Love it. Thanks for sharing the pics :thumbsup:  

Our brief foray into agility was a mixed bag although Barley loved the dog walk and A-frame … she would abandon whatever she was supposed to be doing to run up one or the other. I think she liked feeling tall :lol: 

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That looks like fun. I’ve been a bit afraid of agility because of my terrible sense of direction, and I’ve even walked right past a station in rally without noticing. 

I tried to enroll Greta in an agility class, and was told that 12 1/2 is rather old to begin an athletic career. Aila may be a candidate when she’s a little older. I like your idea of doing it just for fun, though confess that an upcoming trial or test motivates me to practice! 

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Funny fact:: The A frame is sometimes referred to as "King of the Hill".

I learned this when I was researching agility equipment.  



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