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Barking not allowed!


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the decree forbids dogs from being left in enclosed areas without owners being nearby to stop "prolonged or repeated barking".

Sounds reasonable to me :P There are similar statutes here. One of the local statutes defines nuisance barking as something like ten minutes continuous or 30 minutes of sustained but intermittent barking. Both seem like reasonable conditions to me. We have had up to six Cairns in residence and they never came close to violating those guidelines. Close maybe :whistle: but seriously, I would not willingly tolerate that level of sustained barking from anyone else's dog or my own.

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Guest dog person

You folks that live out in rural areas are very fortunate.     In apartments and residential settings excessive barking is not allowed or tolerated.

Dogs off leash unless the owner is right there are not allowed.

All kinds of rules and regulations subject to fines or worse such as eviction to those non-compliant. 

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The Assistant DA in Graham County,  here in NC,  came under fire recently for having his dog's vocal cords cut.  He was fired.  Michigan, I understand, has passed a law making that illegal.

We often got dogs in the rescue group because the animal's barking was creating problems for owners living in apartments and condos.  I think the AKC Cairn group lists Cairns as a 4::10 for barking.

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23 minutes ago, bradl said:

Air molecules moving  *does not qualify* in my view.

Obviously, you, Toto, and I do not concur.  Everything for him is 'reason enough.'

Just 10 minutes ago, he let me know exactly where I am in the hierarchy.  George brings me a sandwich and small glass of milk, and because I am distracted at the moment, making notes for an upcoming event, Toto jumps from beside me on the sofa, to the ottoman, where he can access my lunch.  Yep!  He leans-in, takes several gulps of my milk, and I pick up my sandwich plate, and am looking at the little fellow -- well, you can imagine the look.

Score:  Toto 1:: Mom 0

Toto shared with Dad that he just had a hankering for a couple of sips, he's been missing milk since he was a wee thing.


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When I first got Ruffy, my neighbor let me know that she could hear him barking through our common, shared wall. I told her: "It wasn't Ruffy barking, it was me." She looked at me strangely - and never mentioned it again. (She and I went on to become good neighbors and friends).😊

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