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My neighbour has two adorable Bichons . One Just diagnosed at nine years of age with cancer ...no hope of recovery. This should not be happening..why are we losing all these wonderful pets to this horrible disease years to early in their lives. Something is very wrong...is it the water, the food over vaccination ? We all try to do the best we can for our pets but obviously it isn’t working. It must be horrific for the veterinarians having to euthanize this steady stream of suffering animals. No wonder suicides among veterinarians is rising drastically.

Feeling sad, angry and frustrated that this is all to common a disease inflicting our animals. Just needed to make a noise as I feel so sad what the owners are going through, what the dog is going through .😢 

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Guest dog person

A lot of these things are genetic.   If you want to blame someone, blame the puppy mills and breeders that keep breeding dogs that have a known hereditary risk.    Not to mention the backyard breeders.

Some science based information here    https://sciencebasedmedicine.org/whats-the-truth-behind-the-truth-about-pet-cancer/

And note the latest article regarding allergies and the hereditary skin condition known as atopic dermatitis at:    http://skeptvet.com/Blog/2018/11/hair-and-saliva-test-for-allergies-are-worthless-pseudoscience/            (excerpt below)

Here are some reliable resources about cancer care for pet owners that offer real, trustworthy information rather than inflated claims and pseudoscience:


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Guest dog person

BTW:  Ask your vet, but between the ages 8 to 10 (considered senior for all breeds) is when the most aggressive forms of cancer tend to show up.     Hemangiosarcoma for example.   Genetic.

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Agree with dog person. Almost as bad as the puppy mills of which we have many, many in PA are the pure bred breeders. Breeding for success in the ring,, to follow fashion re coat color, head shape, etc etc and breeding almost recklessly when a certain breed becomes popular - of which the bichon frisee  is a very good example. Think Goldens, Labs, Dalmations St Bernards German Shepherds just to name a few of the many that come to mind.

Not saying there aren't reputable, honest,and careful breeders out there among show folks, home breeders, or even the puppy mill people. Just that heavy demand is a temptation to forget careful selection of the best dogs to breed. It's a hard job studying pedigrees, selecting the right bitch and dog to put together and examining the pups at any time  - never mind when demand exceeds supply.

And, as mentioned in one of the articles above, the toxic environment we all live in (dogs and people alike), the poor quality food many dogs (and people) eat, no doubt contribute to the many cancers and other illnesses dogs and people suffer.

Over fifty years of owning several breeds and briefly showing and competing plus some years breeding retrievers have made me somewhat disillusioned and cynical alas:( Better get off my soap box before I go too far:censored::)


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Yes I agree Hillcreek, especially in regards to the very toxic environment we all live in, plus all the pesticides herbicides etc sprayed on everything and growth hormones put into our meat industries. The next door bichon wasn’t from a puppy mill nor a show dog home...just a pet loved by his owner. 


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