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The site is adaptive to screen size, so when viewing the site on a small display like a phone, some display elements are simplified, others discarded, and others collapsed to fit.

For instance, if you have an iPad or similarly sized tablet, try rotating the tablet from portrait to landscape and you may see some layout changes. When using a display the size of most phones, the site is at its simplest possible layout.

A question came up: how to access the blogs using a phone.  Here's how to get there starting with the "hamburger" menu common to most mobile sites.

Create_New_Topic_-_CairnTalk_net.png Start with the "hamburger" menu icon.

Create_New_Topic_-_CairnTalk_net 2.png Choose the Browse menu.

Create_New_Topic_-_CairnTalk_net 3.png Choose Blogs (or anything else).

As a side note, you'll notice when composing posts on the site that on a small display like a phone the formatting options are reduced. There is little room for formatting buttons and it's hard to touch them with accuracy as it is. So for complex post formatting you may want to switch to a desktop or a tablet in landscape mode.

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