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Dog food recall for dog euthanasia drug


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Because the laws are pretty non existent in the pet food industry regarding safety and quality, so euthanized animals (of all variety) land up being tossed in the mixer. I have read an older version of this book and it certainly made a difference on how I feed our dogs and who you purchase your pet food from. I don't agree however with her home cooked recipes as they are not complete in my opinion. We feed raw now from a reputable grass fed bison and elk, company. But we do add our supplement. The whole thing can drive you a bit looney I must admit.:P.http://www.newsagepress.com/foodpetsdiefor.html

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I remember when I was young, the dogs and cats only received kitchen scraps for food. That included everything, that is on the poison controls dogs can't have list. Onions, garlic, grapes, chocolate, gravy, biscuits, salt, (bones cooked and uncooked) It wasn't a well balanced diet in modern standards. In our area all dogs live outside, and had a house of their own. Not all of them were mutts, about half were pure bred. All different types, Poodles, Great Danes, Chihuahua, Keeshond, Yorkies, Pit Bulls, Coonhounds, Golden Retrievers, Irish Setter, Dobermans. My point is you never heard of dogs with cancer, diabetes, overweight, They were taken to the vet but not yearly and most, seemed to live to be at least 15 years old, or older, even dogs that nowadays they say the lifespan is only 10 years. Every family back then, had at least 3 dogs, if a dog died young, It was hit by a car. That didn't happen very often, because most people drove slow in our area, they had to most roads were dirt roads, with big holes all over. lol  

I wonder how the animals lived to be so old?  I am not saying any of this to be mean. I am just saying what I witnessed when I was growing up. I believe some of the progress we have made has been great, but some of it is killing us and the animals slowly.

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I agree Lynn. Until recent times with all the kibbles and other foods, our dogs had some kind of biscuit covered with the remains of what we ate which was simple food in those days. They lived their expected length of life. It seems me that dogs did not get near as sick as they do nowadays. 


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eek. well, either they are now lavishing pentobarbital on soon-to-be-slaughtered cattle, chickens and turkeys, or what in the meat is not really beef, chicken, turkey and so on. pentobarbital was one of the many poisonous ingredients found in the MenuFoods recall, and we all know how it got in there in those cases.

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A while ago I was advised to completely avoid all poultry products for  Ruffy. The reasoning was that the mega-poultry farms pump the mass produced birds full of hormones, antibiotics, etc.  I followed the advice, even though it seemed somewhat extreme to me at the time. Now it turns out that beef can be problematic too. What's left??


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That's the reason I feed Angus fish even though not totally sure it is completely safe if farm raised. Bison, venison and other "wild meat" are beyond what my pocket book could afford.

Wish I were a hunter or at least had knowledge of how to dress animals and birds. There's plenty round this area for man and beast. That grouse I talked about in another post would have been a good meal for either Angus or me but alas it went to feed a fox or coyote and their youngsters instead.

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