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Guest posting as: Chewybacca

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Guest posting as: Chewybacca

Forgive me for my stupidity but are the earthdog trials when they send the dogs in the ground after the rat? If so is there somewhere in the MA/CT area that they do this for beginners? I have a dog that NEEDS a job. she is such a little hunter! Any help greatly appreciated. Also do they need anykind of training etc. before they enter this, again forgive my stupidity! working on getting her enrolled in an agility class and probably will clicker train her to boost her confidence.

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Your dog will :wub: you! Earthdog is one of our favorite things because of how much the dogs love it.

Start with reading the rules. You'd be surprised how many people don't even read the rules. Amazing. But don't be intimidated - before each test the judge will talk to the group entered and explain exactly what will happen and answer any questions. Earthdog is a very friendly sport every test I've been to.

Introduction to Quarry is the place for beginners to give it a try - Intro is a chance for a dog completely new to the concept to encounter a den and quarry for the first time. No training or prior experience is necessary. At Intro you will find out what areas of further work your dog might need. Is it afraid to enter the earth? If it enters the earth, does it show interest in the quarry? If it shows interest, does it 'work' or just stare silently? Etc. Intro is a non-regular class which means it's totally optional - you don't have to enter it or pass it before you attempt the first regular class in earthdog: Junior. Most new dogs should probably try it though, just so dog and handler can get familiar with how the game works in a low-pressure situation. (The entry is usually cheaper, too.)

In much of the country the earthdog season is winding down, but not everywhere! To find an earthdog (or any other AKC) event near you, use the AKC Event Search.

To find an earthdog (or any other AKC) club near you, use the AKC Club Search.

Earthdog is terrific fun for the dogs. We have at least one judge on this board who stops by from time to time. We are fairly active in our area just because the dogs love it so much. While it is still an AKC event and as such has to follow rules very carefully, earthdog is one of the most relaxing, fun, supportive, and casual AKC event types I've ever attended.

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Guest posting as: Chewybacca

Thanks Bradl for the info. I am looking forward to getting my Roxy into this, I think it is going to do wonders for her confidence and the anxiety she has going on in her...she wants to hunt, so I think going through the steps to get her into this will be beneficial.


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