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Oregon Trail 2013

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Well, we've all been talking for a long time about how great it would be to get this gang together.

Maybe it could be in some central place....like Lori's farm in S. Dakota. :lol:

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That is awesome. Reminds me of a carriage rental company in Old Town Scottsdale that does rides in town, special events, etc. One day we went by and they had a bunch of Cairns with them - they own about 6 of them and actually will "rent" them out for occasions with the carriages and horses! One day they brought their Cairn/Chihuaha mix - now that's a cute, unique look!


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No need to find an excuse to post a cut picture like that Brad. If it has a Cairn in it then I can't wait to see it.



@ TazTalk  My oldest son is always saying he would like to see a Cairn/Chihuahua mix he says I wonder what they would call it a Cairnhuahua or a ChiCairn. Both are his favorite breeds.

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A pretty nice entry. Come to PDX and see some Cairns!


** Ms. Marly Lucier
16 Cairn Terr 7-9-0-0-0 
5 Cairn Terr 4-1-0-0-0
** Subtotal: 21 
** Mr. James J. Ham 
43 Cairn Terr 8-18-6-3-8 
1 JR SHOW Open 
** Ms. Pamela A. Weaver
1 OBEDIENCE Utility A 
1 OBEDIENCE Begin Novice A 
3 OBEDIENCE Begin Novice B 
** Subtotal: 9  
*** Total Entries: 74 
Don't forget our fabulous raffle! Enter to win one of TWO Grand Prizes -- a separate drawing will be held for each.  See the Raffle information page for details.

house-thumb.png ipad-thumb.jpg  raffle-roll.jpg

Order Raffle Tickets Now! pdf.gif  raffle-ticket-order.pdf  
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While not part of our specialty, part of the Stumptown weekend was a special show for the wee puppies, aged 4 to 6 months. The only Cairn entry turned out to be the only terrier entry, so after collecting his class ribbon Kinloch's Razzle Dazzle Mr Billy Flynn (name approximate :P ) went on to compete for Puppy Best in Show. A Doberman pup was the BIS winner, but little Billy charmed the socks off the crowd. Bear in mind this little buy is just barely 4 months old:


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